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Things which are good:

** Writing an entry that causes the song, "You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me, Lucille" to get stuck in a bunch of peoples' heads. That is totally boss! Congratulations to Catie for being the first to ID the song. Catie absolutely rules, as does Kimmy, who missed out on first place by a length and who might still have the song in her head even as we speak. This would please me.

** The track pants I got from Old Navy a few weeks ago. I bought two pairs (black and charcoal) but I may need to go see what other colors they have. These are the most comfortable pants Ever and I wish track pants were the height of fashion and professionalism so I could wear them always.

** Cashew butter. Francisco and I walked to Wellspring at lunch and bought some (along with other stuff), because I've been trying to eat oatmeal for breakfast most days, and when I make it I've been stirring a small spoonful of peanut butter into it--this makes it creamier and way yummier. And if peanut butter is good in oatmeal, how good is cashew butter going to be in oatmeal, when I eat it tomorrow morning? Very; that's how good.

** Successfully avoiding spoilers for last night's Lost, which we Tivo'd and will watch tonight. My enjoyment of that show has grown greatly since the first episode; I'm excited to see what happens.

** Men who can sew amazing things: Ish from Pimp My Ride, I'm looking at you. I like that show a lot, and Ish's upholstery sewing skills make my heart flutter a little.

** MUSIC. Omg, music is so good! I know that sounds ridiculous, but in the past few weeks my love for music has been burning very brightly, and my desire to be a radio dj has been renewed. The only problem is, Ellensburg and the surrounding area does not seem to have many stations at which I could play the kind of music I'd prefer to play. The area seems to favor country music, christian music, and musica en espanol. I would love to play the Spanish music, but unfortunately my Spanish isn't good enough for the between-music talking. I'm thinking maybe I'll see if the college radio station would take a non-student volunteer dj, because really I don't need to do it as my job if I could do it once or twice a week, for fun.

This morning when I got to work, there was an envelope in my file folder (our mail and faxes get put into file folders downstairs for us to retrieve) that was returned by the mail room as undeliverable. I opened it and it was something I had sent to a student's box on August 22, 2003. Give it up for our mail room, ladies and gentlemen! I would say that's got to be a record, but on second thought, I doubt it.

I need to run home now.
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