I missed my chance to dance


We didn't get to go to Drag Bingo last night. Sadly, it was sold out and had been since before we even heard about it in the first place. On the plus side, my procrastination about getting tickets did not bite me in the ass, because my ass was bitten already, but I would've loved to see Tammy Faye. I planned to take a million pictures and see if I could get her autograph for Atomic, but alas. Maybe she'll be in town again sometime, and of course there's always the option of stalking her. Meh, I'm far too lazy.

What we did instead last night was stay in--me and Francisco, that is. The Boy arranged to meet some friends at the ice skating rink up the road, and one of these friends? Was the girl he likes. We took him to the rink and dropped him off (one of the other parents was sticking around, leaving us the luxury of being irresponsible) and picked him up 3 hours later. He had a great time and was all hyped up when he got home. I'm glad he's happy but I'm still not reconciled to the idea of my baby having a semi-girlfriend. I'll let you know how it all develops.

This morning I got a burr under my saddle about the sweater I started, like, over a year ago and never finished. I hauled it out and determined where I was in the pattern and did some work on it. I now have the front and back finished and have started one of the sleeves. The reason I stopped working on it in the first place was I decided I didn't really like the yarn, but I want to finish it anyway for the practice, and if I still don't like it when it's done, I'll take it to the Goodwill. It's not a big loss if I don't like it, because the yarn was less than $15, and that seems reasonable for the experience of making a first sweater. I'm kind of excited to get it done now, just for the accomplishment of it, and I've been looking around for a sweater to make after I finish this one. I have 10 skeins of bulky red yarn I bought from eBay a long time ago, and none of the patterns I have are suitable for it; hence the searching. I am a wild woman, no?

We packed up all our xmas decorations on New Years Eve and the house looks so bare. I really loved having the house pimped out for the holidays but I'm glad it's not always like that; it would get old really quickly. Next year I want to get another tinsel tree--a full size one this time--so we can have some extra shinyness in the house. Nothing can ever be Too shiny.

I know it's only just after 10:00, but I'm tired and want to go to bed. I didn't sleep long enough last night; this must be rectified.


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