they didn't stick even a little


Today I wore jeans and sneakers to work and have decided I love wearing sneakers to work even more than I love wearing jeans. Sneakers allow me to stride around on a cloud of efficiency, and with maximum quietude. Today I'm also wearing a sweater vest I got last weekend (chilly today); it's pretty cute. It's green and has horizontal stripes across the bosom. I like. One of my coworkers and I tried to put on adhesive moustaches first thing today, only to find that the goddamn things do not adhese. I can't imagine why they were sold as stick-on moustaches when they don't stick, but I'm going to invest in a vial of spirit gum so the moustaches won't go to waste.

Recently I've received a few calls on my cell phone, from a Houston area code, that I wasn't able to answer, and there were no messages left. I assumed the caller was trying to reach whoever had the number before it was mine, but last night Francisco's phone rang (he wasn't able to answer it) and it was from the same person. So. If you live in the Houston area and you need to talk to us, you might want to leave a message, OR call our home phone. I can't think of anyone this could be, honestly. Do we even KNOW anyone in Texas? I'm drawing a blank.

The head of the department across the hall (I don't want to be any more specific than that, due to the power of google) had a stroke on Sunday, and this morning her department was told she was dying and had maybe two hours to live (she died in the early afternoon). She had been doing alright, so this was a shock--her department is utterly gutted. I didn't know the lady--not sure if I even met her--but I'm sad for my coworkers who knew her well and are therefore very upset. These kinds of things make this university feel awfully close-knit, and though the job continues to be crazy busy and pretty stressful, I'm glad I work there.

Esther's laying on the couch next to me as I type this, and she's gazing at me while purring loudly. It is not possible for me to love her more than I do, except just you wait; she'll do something adorable and prove me wrong.

I'm going to get ready for bed now. We haven't been to the gym all week, due to first me and then Francisco getting some kind of mystery virus--I had it this weekend; he got it on Tuesday. We're not going to the gym tomorrow either, but we're going to take a walk before work, and that means getting up early. I really need that walk--not getting enough exercise is not helping with my work stress or my rampaging pms this week. I have not yet beat a bitch down, but I can't make any guarantees.




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