squinting = not acceptable


Yesterday I decided to have a picnic lunch and I even posted a little entry saying I was finally picnicking (!), and I heated my lunch and started gathering together my picnic things and then realized I'd left my sunglasses at home. PICNIC IS OFF. I hate being outside when it's sunny and I have no sunglasses; it is Too Much Squinting. Fortunately for me it got all clouded up outside before I rode my bike home, because I was not looking forward to that. Anyway, I deleted that picnic entry and probably you never even saw it, but someday I will picnic and lo, the internet shall be informed.

Okay, so I'm super excited because one of my friends is having a baby in about 6 months or so (she hasn't officially announced it but I'm one of the few in on the secret [*tries for nonchalant but looks smug*]), and after she told me I rushed to the internet and ordered a book I'd been looking at but didn't have any reason to buy. It's Anna Marie Horner's Handmade Beginnings [available on Amazon but also available on her blog, which is where I bought it]. For those of you disinclined to look it up (all of you), it's a sewing book with adorable baby stuff and other stuff too, and I've been wanting to start sewing again, so this is a perfect excuse. I will also be making my friends the onesies I like to give to people (with the words), and they're extra appropriate for these friends because he's a writer and she was an English major. They like words, is what I'm saying, so I think they'll like the onesies. I might even make those this weekend -- they don't really take that long.

Hooray for a return to sewing! Ooh, but knitting is going to be so angry. Maybe I do both, especially considering that I keep buying wool yarn when I see it at thrift stores, as long as I like the color. I've amassed quite a collection of vintage wool yarns, and last weekend I bought 3 skeins of Botany Knitting Worsted, a yarn that is so old and apparently obscure that I was the first person to put it on Ravelry. It's got giant yardage--270 yards per skein--and was only $3 for all 3. No way I could Not buy it. Why am I still boring you like this? Oh that's right; because I CAN.

It's been forever since I updated, and one thing I'd like to tell you is I finally got a call from that internal medicine doctor's nurse, and she scheduled me for an appointment to see the doctor and get my antibiotic prescription. I guess he wants to talk to me about the antibiotic first, and that's fine with me; I will do whatever it takes to get a medicine that might help me get well. I would even do a little dance in his waiting room if he required it--for real. I know the antibiotic is not a surefire cure, but I can't help but be a little hopeful about it. My appointment is next Tuesday afternoon, and I can hardly wait. My intestinal thing flared up almost two weeks ago and has not settled back down yet. HATE. Intestinal infection, your days are numbered. I hope.

I'm very glad I'm seeing internal medicine guy for this and not Doctor. Doctor hasn't been working this summer, except for a few days here and there when he feels up to it. He's got the cancer. Francisco went to see him earlier this week for a minor thing, and Doctor was there and bald from the chemo, but said he was feeling okay. The reason I don't want to see Doctor again for my intestine thing is, I don't think there's any way I can try to tell him how much this whole deal is reducing my quality of life without feeling like a TOTAL ASSHOLE. Cancer has a way of making all other problems feel small by comparison, you know? I'm sending healing vibrations his way.

Today at lunch I walked downtown to pick up some crunchies for Esther and then I walked to the bakery because Thursdays are orange raisin rye day. Tonight my household feasts! Too bad it was like 95 out -- I was super sweaty and groce -- but at least I got some vitamin D and a bit of exercise. I am taking advantage of summer while I can.




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