it shall join 'chicken donut' in the food nickname lexicon


If I ever went on Survivor and ended up as a member of the jury, I think my question to the final two contestants would be something like, "Do you think these pants make me look fat?", or "Do you think I'm pretty?" That would make me laugh. Or maybe I could give them each a complicated story problem to solve. What I wouldn't do is ask some BS question like, "What's something you did these past few weeks that you regret?", because it's like asking "What's your biggest weakness?", in a job interview; you're not going to get a REAL answer, come ON.

Yesterday when driving home from work, I had an idea that's too good not to implement: I'm going to make a disposable camera belt buckle. It should be easy--it'll require some fabric strapping (or maybe just a heavy ribbon), velcro, duct tape, and something like D rings, except maybe not D rings exactly. Once I have the camera belt buckle to wear, I'll be able to take all kinds of crappy pictures at a moment's notice! Stay tuned; Francisco picked me up a disposable camera today.

Speaking of Francsico, today is his birthday--he's 40 years old. OMG, until I just wrote that, I forgot he was turning 40! It wouldn't have made any difference in the day, because he absolutely forbid me to throw him a party (and he Meant it--he truly hates having a fuss made), but it's weird that he's 40 now. For his birthday I got him some very nice sunglasses, which he shopped for and bought yesterday, since sunglasses are are a thing a person really needs to buy for him/herself. My parents sent him a Liverpool rug--it's about 2x4 feet in dimension, with the Liverpool FC crest on it. AWESOME. He also got a hilarious card from our niece and I can only assume she chose it herself. I have a feeling there's at least one more surprise in store for him, but I will say no more at this time.

Oh, but a quick Liverpool thing, did I tell y'all that my super secret boyfriend, Sami Hyypia, has the nickname 'The Finnish Mountain'? I was thinking about that nickname last night, and I think it's so great that if it was mine I'd be calling myself by it, in the third person, all the time. As in "The Finnish Mountain will have the Eggs Benedict", or "The Finnish Mountain is cold; go put on a sweater". That'd be Boss.

Last night Francisco made something we've never had before--a noodle kugel. It was pretty good, but kind of weird, because in addition to noodles it also contained apples and raisins and had some cinnamon and sugar in there. I mean, it wasn't SWEETsweet, but it was a little sweet. I hereby christen this dish Noodle Cookie. If you have the Moosewood Cookbook (which is where the recipe came from), you should cross out 'Kugel' and write in 'Cookie' instead. I have spoken.

Songs of the Day:

Nouvelle Vague -- Dancing With Myself, at Fluxblog.

Beck -- Halo of Gold, at Looking At Them.

Buena Vista Social Club -- Candela, at A Blog Soup.

Tomorrow we're having our yard sale and I will be documenting it in gruesome detail, since that's what I do nowadays. Tonight we're going to price everything and also clean the house a bit in case anyone wants to look at it tomorrow. Also tonight, I am going to drink me a martini, which I've wanted all week (stupid work!) but haven't had. Actually, I've been sleeping so badly lately I decided I won't have any alcohol on weeknights, and this includes my beloved glass of wine I'm used to having with dinner--it has been a terrible shock to my system. I did sleep a bit better this week, but the past couple of nights I still woke up at 3 or 4-ish and laid awake for awhile. When I lay awake I pass the time by fantasizing about meeting famous people I like, and inventing imaginary conversations with them in which I both dazzle and amuse and they make me their new best friend. It's a pretty good insomnia activity; I recommend it.

Okay, I'm going to finish some stuff up and depart for home. Have a great weekend!

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