you cannot come into Idaho--you haff browwn eyyessssss


I'm being all paranoid today about the new heat/AC vent in the ceiling of the upstairs office bathroom. I can hear the workmen guys tramping around up there (in the attic, above the bathroom) whilst I pee, and I wonder if that vent is connected to anything or if they're looking through there. They'd have to be pretty desperate to want to watch a chubby girl peeing, but people are odd and I take nothing for granted anymore.

Francisco has been grilling a lot lately, which makes me happy, because grilled food is good food. Last night he made pork chops with this very spicy marinade (including a lot of fresh ginger) and the pork chop burned my throat all the way down. In a good way. Tonight he's grilling salmon, and we'll also have some greens (the mustard greens left from last week's produce delivery, plus some unidentified greens in today's delivery), and fresh crusty bread Francisco bought today. And we have Yuengling beer in the fridge, which I like. It's kind of mild beer, but I prefer that on weeknights--it doesn't make me all loopy. And the reason I am talking endlessly about dinner is because I have the rampaging pms hunger right now, and would like to eat everything I can get my hands on. Including the stale cake in the office kitchen, which is gross, but I want it anyway. I won't eat it, but I want to. Mmm...fossilized sugar....

I don't know if I mentioned it previously, but a student surprised me a couple weeks ago with a thank you card and a barnes & noble gift card. He was graduating and he wanted to thank me for helping him the past four years. Obviously this is unnecessary, but it was soo thoughtful and sweet, and today I used the card online. I bought the book Catie is reading (The Schwarzbein Principle) because I trust her judgement, and also the reviews at both b& and were very enthusiastic. I can hardly wait to get and read the book! I'm so exciting!

West Wing last night was really good, I thought. I sure didn't see that 25th Amendment thing coming, and that John Goodman character creeps me right out (plus, John Goodman is disturbingly huge--I keep thinking he's going to fall down dead of a heart attack. He's Andre The Giant large). Also I loved seeing my Fictional Super-Secret Ex-Boyfriend with his babies, though I always get distracted by babies that are supposed to be newborns but are obviously at least 2 months old. I say things like, "Hey, their eyes wouldn't be open yet!" Anyway, I can't wait to see where West Wing goes next season, except that I'm a little afraid, what with Aaron Sorkin leaving and all. Oh, also a television thing, how in the world is Buffy going to be wrapped up in just one episode??? It better damn well be a two hour episode, because I can't see how they could do an even remotely satisfying ending in just one hour. It's not possible. I hate that Buffy kissed Angel, after that nice scene with Spike. I was saying "Bitch" right along with The First's Buffy apparition. If this makes no sense, don't worry.

Going home now. The office was still quite loud today but no additional dust to choke on. We closed for 3 hours earlier, because the people who answer the phones couldn't hear to answer them. I didn't go anywhere, because the noise wasn't too loud in my office, and it was pleasant to not have to take phone calls. Stupid phone.


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