no thank you


Yesterday on CBS Sunday Morning they did a piece on New Year's Resolutions and some woman was shown saying she wanted to work with her acting coach more and become famous. In case I haven't made it clear, I have a horror of being famous. When you're famous no one leaves you alone and you can't run to the store for coffee in your track suit with no makeup, because some jerk will take a picture of you and it'll be shown all over the place. You can't go out and shop or have dinner without people interrupting to tell you they like you or hate you, or that they want you to sign your name on a piece of paper. So officially I would like to announce that in 2004 one of my resolutions is to NOT get famous, and I will be working very hard to achieve my goal. That is all.



PS I could handle being name-famous, like authors, but being face-famous is definitely something I'm not interested in. |


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