the moral of the story is, don't be friends with boys


You know that ubiquitous voice mail voice? The female one that says "your call has been forwarded to an automated voice mail system. ____ _____ is not available"? We have that, and this morning it occurred to me that if I didn't want to keep this job, I could start changing my name on that message. The first one I thought of was Darth Vader, just because it would be funny to hear "Darth Vader is not available", but I also like the idea of "your mother's love is not available"--stuff like that. Alas, I want to stick around here, but if I ever quit I think the last thing I'll do on my last day is change my name to something funny.

This afternoon I read something I've read once before and which I love: In description of a hangover, "my mouth is like Ghandi's flip flop". I'll try to remember that for next time I'm hungover.

Today I was supposed to go to lunch with Baby Rich and Nathan except Nathan didn't call or show up, so Rich and I decided to have lunch anyway. We couldn't decide where to go and I started feeling like I should stick to the regime, which is hard to do at a restaurant, so I invited him to my house and made him a sandwich. Problem was, he aggravated me so much on the walk to the house that I was ready to throw him out the minute we got there--it's a talent of his. I let it roll off me and we ended up having a decent time, but I just don't know how much longer I can be friends with such an irritating person, even if the irritation is only sporadic. I'm not worried about him reading this, because he doesn't read blogs. His problem with them is, I think, that they are not all about him. I want to make him a shirt that says REVOLVE AROUND ME, WORLD. Do you know, he once told me he doesn't think his poop smells bad? This is neither here nor there, but it is Very Telling. Anyway, to sum up, we are still friends but no thanks to him.

Nathan called a minute ago to set up lunch with me and Rich for tomorrow. I told him I wore my prettiest Sunday-go-to-meeting dress today just for our lunch, and that I was through dressing up for lunch with him (he bailed on us yesterday too) so I will be wearing my pajama pants tomorrow. This is not true, obviously, but I do wish I could wear pajama pants to work; that would be Fantastic. Also, I don't wear dresses; today I'm wearing jeans and sneakers and one of the shirts I got last weekend.

Probably you can tell I don't have anything to report today. I slept pretty well and went to the gym before work, so I feel good. That is all.




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