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So, this morning I accidentally poured a bunch of water onto my crotch, and that was refreshing. The huge plastic cup I drink out of at work has a large crack in the rim and I didn't take note of the location of said crack when I went to drink out of it. Hence the water in my crotch. Also? Roasted soybean halves take a long time to remove from a keyboard when spilled onto it. Thank god for my letter opener. Possibly I should be banned from eating and drinking at my desk, especially since I ruined one keyboard already (not my keyboard and I managed to not get in trouble for it--phew).

My boss's dad died this afternoon. He's been sick for a long time, and last week he pulled out his feeding tube and refused to let the doctor put it back in. He also refused all medication, so we knew it was only a matter of time, and today was his day to go. Now, you who are my internet friends--my homies, if you will--know that my boss can be pretty assy at times, but I'll tell you, I've felt really sorry for him for the past couple of weeks. Especially last week when he had to start coping with his father's imminent demise. It's been really hard for him, as you can imagine. Poor guy. I'm going to take it easy on him for awhile.

Feeling Waaaaaay better today than yesterday, and really I started feeling better yesterday after I came to work. I never thought I'd say this, but work can be really therapeutic at times. I have gotten a lot done between yesterday and today and I'm feeling really on top of things. Today I started doing processes for the next academic year as well as continuing processes for this academic year. This is the point in the year where my job gets really confusing and I have to start being hyper-organized or I forgot what year I'm working with and black out. So far so good.

It just started snowing--tiny little flakes and no accumulation (it was raining before it started snowing--the ground is soggy). And this is my Friday this week, because Boy is still pretty sick and won't be able to go to school tomorrow. Francisco has classes in the morning and afternoon on Fridays, so I will be home nursing Boy back to health. He's a little better today than yesterday, but still all fevery and stuff.

Did you see West Wing? And if yes, did you love how CJ tricked Danny (who is still repugnantly hirsute) into thinking she wanted him and then pulled the rug out from under him? It was beautiful. A lot of good stuff in that episode--I wish it wasn't a two part one, because I wanted resolution last night, but that's okay. Hey, the next Survivor is starting a week from today! I know a lot of people don't like that show, and a lot of people used to like it but are tired of it now, but I will Never be tired of that show! Never, do you hear me?!

I've been thinking today about becoming a massage therapist. Anyone out there a massage therapist and can tell me what the job is like? I'm still casting around for an alternate career, and I like to touch people; therefore massage therapy is my newest idea. I wish I could find something I Love to do, that I could get paid for. It would be extra good if this career would be very non-competitive and easy to break into, because I'm not ambitious enough to fight for a job or go to school for 4 more years or anything. As you might guess, becoming a doctor is right out.

Crap, the snow is accumulating a little--I didn't think it would. I guess that'll make tonight extra cozy.

I wish I had something really funny to talk about. Maybe tomorrow.


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