I'll have a rum and brontosaurus, please


I think one of my bad sleep problems is that my latent control freak has been activated recently, now that Francisco is working full time and I need to take care of more things myself. Listen to this ridiculousness: I was laying in bed last night unable to sleep because I was too anxious about leaving wet clothes in the washer overnight. I'd started a load of clothes with the intention to stay up until it was done so I could put the clothes in the dryer, but then I decided to go to bed and put them in the dryer in the morning, because I was tired. Then I laid there thinking about them sitting in the washer all night and possibly starting to smell, and I heard the washer stop and I started to get well and truly knotted up about leaving them in there and realized I'd have to get up and put them in the dryer or I would lay awake all night. And I just. Where is my sense of proportion and who do I have to sleep with to get it back?!?

Francisco and I watched a lovely film last night: Sweet Land. Have you seen it? It's romantic without being overly sentimental, and if you're in the mood for a love story, I highly recommend it.

This morning I went to the gym, walked on a treadmill, stretched, and came home. Francisco poured me a coffee and I did some light chores, saw him off to work, then assembled dinner in the crockpot and turned it on low--it cooks all day with an occasional stir from the Shark. I did the meal planning for this week and I chose two crockpot meals because I like cooking that way if possible, even though it means less or no relaxing in the morning. Tonight's dinner is Manhattan Clam Chowder (clams go in tonight after I get home--they don't cook all day), and Francisco will pick up some crusty bread to have with it. While I was chopping/assembling the chowder this morning, I witnessed our first Ellensburg curbside recycling and garbage pick up. Francisco had been taking our garbage and recycling to the dump/recycling center, but now that he's working, he doesn't have time and our garbage cans get too heavy for me to lift, so I can't really take them. There's a fairly significant cost difference (costs much less to take it ourselves) but given the choice between paying extra and having garbage sitting around my garage for a month before Francisco has time to take it, I'll pay the extra. P. U.

The cost will be somewhat offset by Francisco's recent (reducing of our cable service, which got rid of some premium channels, including HBO which I wouldn't care about at all if it wasn't for Flight of the Conchords. I'm going to miss that show, but eventually it'll be on DVD, right? It would've been nice to know in advance about the change in cable service, because both Shark and myself were asking Tivo to pick up shows on channels we no longer get, but I guess it was more of a fun surprise this way.

Another recent fun surprise involved a swarm of wasps who playfully set up a nest in the gate (wooden) to the backyard. I went through that gate on Saturday morning and there were no wasps, but when Francisco went through it yesterday afternoon, there were loads of wasps and he got stung a couple of times. He purchased and used wasp killer and I think the wasps are dead and/or gone now. This is especially good because our tomato plants are in the backyard and the tomatoes are starting to ripen, so hopefully I'll need to pass through that gate often.

This afternoon Sharky called me from the library to ask me, in his roundabout mumbling teenage way, what that book is that was really popular and kind of political and the title is a number, specifically the number of a year. I guessed George Orwell's 1984 to which he said, "That's it! Okaybye." and hung up. Methinks he is now Reading To Impress, which I have absolutely zero problem with. If smart reading is going to impress the girl he's crushing on, then so much the better.

In closing, when I was at that non-family party the weekend before last, I had an idea for a fantastic new product. You know those sponges that come compressed in capsules that dissolve in water and then the sponge expands into a big dinosaur shape? I want to make those in a digestible material (cellulose?) for people to swallow when they've drank too much so the sponge will soak up all the alcohol. I know it would only be a temporary solution to the problem, but maybe it would give the alcohol a more gradual release into the bloodstream, plus hello, dinosaur in stomach! How is this idea not a winner? It's not not a winner, that's how.





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