there's a new girl in town


Oh people. My friend Kimmy pushed a baby out her vagina yesterday and it's a healthy girl and she and her husband finally have the baby they've wanted for so long. Her name is Grace, which is a name I like a lot. They sent pictures today and Grace is gorgeous, which is not something I say about everyone's baby, believe me. I'm so, so happy for them and I wish I had waited to find out the sex of their baby before knitting that little orange hat because now I feel compelled to make another one, in pink. I can always save the orange hat for someone else's baby, right? I Know gender-specific baby clothing is silly and unnecessary and I should just send the orange hat, but. Something about how difficult it was for Kimmy and her husband to conceive Grace, and the trials Kimmy went through with gestational diabetes, and the all-around general amazingness of Grace's very existence makes me want to knit a hat specifically for her, and now that I know she's a girl, I want to make the girliest damn hat possible. Francisco thinks this is dumb, because he likes the orange hat, but the orange hat can wait around for a different baby head.

I blame PMS for how verklempt I'm getting about the baby right now. I will go home and do something unladylike to prove I'm not one of those women who squeal about babies--perhaps I will spit or scratch my butt. The night is young.

Happy weekend,


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