a need for thorns


Mmhmm. The brush pile has been gone for 24 hours and the wretched children are already cutting through the yard and running through the gap. I'm thinking the thorny bushes, when I finally locate some, will not be enough and I might also have to add a menacing sign that reads, "DANGER! POISONOUS SNAKES!". I'm going to call the NC Agricultural Extension next week to ask what thorny shrub they could recommend, and I anticipate that being sort of a fun call. I am especially looking forward to stressing the need for vicious thorns or spikes.

Francisco and I went grocery shopping this morning and got all stocked up except for meat. We're going to the Whole Foods later for the meat, because we're looking for free range/cruelty free stuff, and none of the supermarkets around here carry that. It's kind of hot here today--77 degrees and humid. Tomorrow the high is supposed to be about 45 degrees, with rain and mixed snow. Not surprising; in NC the rotten weather always wants to have one last gasp before spring really gets going. So go ahead, weather. Snow and get it over with and then we can plant our fig tree.

I need to go finally take a shower, so I don't frighten people at the Whole Foods. I hope you're having a great weekend.


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