thank heavens for lotion


Not a lot is going on lately, and I haven't slept well again the past couple of nights, so I'm running low on the funny. I did want to mention, however, that for our office's secret santa gift exchange today, I got a Buddha Hand! I am very excited at how delightfully creepy and pretty it is, and I can smell the "perfume" coming off of it, though it is faint in my cold office. I can't wait to get home and put this thing on my kitchen table for all to see and smell. I hope the cats won't be too interested in it.

Listen, thank you to everyone who gave me a suggestion for my dry nose ickyness; I appreciate that very much. I think it's getting better, but man! I forgot what the dry winter air does to skin and nostril innnards--my whole body is parched. I am very thankful for lotion and other moisturizers.

I'm off work after today until next Friday afternoon, and I am sooooo looking forward to all that time away from the office. Hopefully I can catch up a little on my sleep, as well as [of course] having fun with my parents and Francisco's mom. I'll be teaching his mom to knit on Monday, so if you hear a faint, far off screaming, that'll be me.

Happy Holidays and love to all,

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