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I woke up at 3-ish this morning and couldn't go back to sleep. I tried for awhile but eventually gave up attempting to sleep in favor of just letting my thoughts drift. While I was drifting thusly, I had an idea for a new decoration for my office desk, and since I had all the necessary ingredients at home, I was able to bring them in and assemble them this morning. The decoration consists of a white plastic ashtray (we were feeding Lucy and Esther from twin white plastic ashtrays for awhile) containing about 10 pennies, with a small sign affixed to it which reads:


I purposely used less than great handwriting for the sign, and no punctuation, so it would be just like the penny containers in every convenience store in America. I am very pleased with the way it looks and it's making me laugh, so Mission Accomplished.

When I was laying awake this morning I also decided my boss's "funny" tricks re: Joyce (my imaginary secretary, for those of you just joining us) had ruined her for me, and officially I was going to have to get rid of her. When I came in this morning I told everyone she had been deported back to Canada over the weekend (she's from Manitoba) because she was arrested for check fraud and the police found out she had outstanding warrants in Canada. Between you and me, Joyce might be acquitted of all charges and sneak back into the country to be my secret imaginary secretary, but I don't know yet. Oh, but speaking of the boss, you know the loud, loud cough he's had for about 6 weeks which is driving me crazy? Fool-ass has walking pneumonia, so he was hardly here today. He shouldn't have come in at all, in my opinion, but you can't tell than man anything.

So, I don't have to go to jury duty after all. I had to call the courthouse after 5:00 today, which I did at about 5:03, and listen to a recorded message to find out if I had to show up or not. Answer is not, which is sort of disappointing, because I'm sure all the people-watching would've been fantastic, but I'm also sort of glad because I'd made an appointment for a haircut for tomorrow, when I thought jury duty was today, and babies, I NEED that haircut. I've decided to borrow one of the hats Boy has for his action figures, for little hook-hanging purposes, and I think that will be aDORable.

This morning Francisco and I got up at 5:15 and went to the gym to lift weights. We only stayed for about half an hour, because we were tired (see also: I woke up at 3-ish this morning) and we decided to take a walk at lunch instead of lifting any longer. It was great! I feel quite good and virile. Tomorrow morning we'll go to the gym and lift weights, and basically I think I'll be exercising twice a day as often as possible. I can't do that tomorrow, unless I do it after work, since I'm using my lunch hour for my haircut, but Wednesday I'll see what the 5:00 class at my gym is, and go to it if it doesn't suck. I think this could be an excellently good thing.

In related news, it's now been 3 months since I had any kind of dessert item, unless you count licorice altoids, which I sort of do, but on the other hand, I don't want to be quite that strict about the whole thing. Plus, they're delicious. During the last month, I have re-embraced complex carbs into my diet ["how could I stay mad at YOU?"] and I haven't noticed any unfortunate side-effects (additional fattening) from that. I hope someday I meet the person who designed the Miami Beach diet, so I can kick him/her in the neck. I haven't actually been following that diet, but Someone needs to be kicked, and Atkins is permanently unavailable. We're still trying to be conscious of which foods are rapid blood glucose-raisers and avoid those much of the time, but hello good bread! It's nice to see you, pasta! Give me a hug, apples. I'll never leave you again.

I'll tell you what I've been craving lately, and which I will have to have pretty soon or I'll have some kind of breakdown: a really excellent tomato sandwich. What I want is to find some decent roma tomatoes, cut them in half and roast them with some drizzled olive oil, kosher salt, pepper, and basil, and then put them on really good chewy bread (preferably a length of "seedy baguette" from the Wellspring) with fresh mozzarella, a few roasted red pepper strips, and maybe a little olive tapenade. Ooh, and maybe some caramelized onion. Mouth....watering. Craving must be appeased!

Tonight we're not having that for dinner, but I'm sure dinner will be good anyway. I think I'll go home now and find out.

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