My homie, Jeremy Northam


I overheard the following last night:

BOY: I'm pooping in your bathroom...
FRANCISCO: Didn't you already do that, like an hour ago?
BOY: Yeah, but I'm going to do it again. Just for kicks.

I laughed for quite a long time. Boy likes to announce his intentions to use our bathroom as he is heading in its direction; it's all part of his charm.

This morning Francisco and I got up early and watched about half of 42 Up--it is So Good and I can hardly wait to see the rest. And I'm extra excited about the series because they will reportedly be doing the 49 Up interviews this year. I really want to see how everyone's doing now, and I would love to see 49 Up in an actual theater, so hopefully it'll be playing somewhere near me.

I knew a guy awhile back (and actually, I don't remember who this was, only that he was a guy that I don't know now) who once declared he thought of money in terms of how many cds it would buy. I don't think of money in terms of cds, but recently I realized that 'Husky Ne'er-Do-Well' is one of my units of measurement, as in "Esther's vet costs were more than one Husky Ne'er-Do-Well". I really love that painting, and if I receive an unexpected windfall greater or equal to one Husky Ne'er-Do-Well, I am Totally going to buy it.

Hahaha! Someone from Germany arrived at this diary today through a google search for "Jeremy Northam" and now that person probably thinks Jeremy Northam actually goes to my gym, instead of just some guy who looks like Jeremy Northam so I call him that in my head. I am running with quite an imaginary crowd, yes?

My bandmate, Max, has a good blog, and on Wednesday she wrote about two things very close to my heart; rollerskating and sibling violence. The entry is really good--you should read it.

Oh, but speaking of our band, The Ligers? I've decided I am not going to play the bass after all, in favor of playing the theremin. Max would also like to get a keytar player; let one of us know if you're interested.

Tonight we're going to the mall for shoes, shoes, and an iMovie users manual. Shoes for Boy, shoes for me, and the manual for Francisco and me. I don't love going to the mall, but it's somehow less odious to go on a Friday night than on a weekend day. For one thing, I can have a cocktail before we go, and also it should be a little less crowded. For the rest of the weekend, I just don't know--we have no plans. I know a good part of the weekend will involve wearing pajamas though; there are some things I can always count on.

Have a good weekend,
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