going to see my baby


Yesterday when I was walking home from work, I petted 4 different cats, and my favorite wild kitten was out in front of our old house, so I stopped to feed him (I have cat food in my bag at all times, nowadays) and he did his adorable thing of meowing while chewing. Come ON that's so cute! There was a Gorgeous sunset (was kicking myself for not having a camera with me), and it wasn't too cold and the snow is melting, and basically I fell in love with my town all over again. It won't be long until the snow will be completely gone and we'll be able to start our vegetable garden, and I can clean up the sun porch and paint and decorate it so it will be a fun place to hang out, and OH! I'm so excited. Of course, it will probably snow at least once more before it warms up for spring, but I'm anticipating that, so when it happens I won't be crushed. Francisco is formulating plans for a deck he wants to build--we were going to put in a stone patio, but Francisco correctly observed that that area of the yard is prone to being a bit soggy, so it would be better to have our seating area raised off the ground a little. He's also thinking of putting in an arbor over at least part of the deck, and we could grow wisteria on it. Wisteria! I could swoon a little just thinking about it. So prepare yourselves to hear a lot of gardening and outdoor living talk, because it is coming at you like a runaway freight train.

I went shopping today during lunch to get Hanukkah presents for my sister and her family (I KNOW! Kinda late. Fortunately my sister is the forgiving type and knows that I was moving house during Hanukkah.), and I got us a few things too. I got us a paper lantern just like the one I gave Catie (for our sun porch), a couple of small painted knobs (like for cabinets--I plan to use them on the cabinets in the laundry bathroom) from India, and a wind chime thing with lots of little bells, also from India. These items were all from the small imported stuff store in our town; I only recently went in there for the first time but I really like it. The girl working there told me the owner just got back from Thailand with a whole bunch of great stuff, so I'm going back in a week or so, after the merchandise has been put out in the store. Fortunately the store has reasonable prices, because I think I might end up shopping there a lot. After the import store I went to a toy/gift store and got Amelie a couple of really cute toys; I am looking forward to seeing her play with them. Hopefully my sister will have room in her luggage for the stuff (which is pretty small in volume, and will be even smaller without packaging), but if not I'll mail them to her. It's tomorrow that I'll see her and the bayyyyybeeeee! I am So. Excited. I hope Amelie's cheeks are ready for all the kissing they're receive. She may need a good moisturizer. This probably goes without saying, but I am going to take a LOT of pictures.

Francisco got me a new phone (he was acceeding to my demands) that arrived yesterday, just in time for Valentine's Day. Yay! A phone I don't have to be embarrassed about! It has a camera, so those of you who foolishly gave me your cell phone numbers can probably expect texted photos of anything absurd I see while I'm out. Suckers!

Tonight I don't know exactly what we're doing, but there will be dinner of some kind and I also need to go to Fred Meyer for a few things. The excuse I'm using is that I need contact lens solution and also we need milk, but in addition I'm going to look for a new messenger bag and a few other things on my list of 'stuff I need'. Unfortunately I cannot buy bras at Fred Meyer, because they do not carry my size, but it's possible I could sneak to a bra store this weekend in Eugene, and I hope so because I really need some new ones. Tomorrow I intend to get up pretty early and head south. It's about a 5 hour drive via Satus Pass (conditions: good) and I'd like to arrive by 1-ish to maximize my cheek kissing time. I'm a little bit excited about taking a road trip (albeit a short one) by myself, because it's been a really long time since I did that and it could be kind of fun. Hopefully I will not be killed in an accident this weekend, because if I was this paragraph would be ghoulish, and also I would be very pissed. So let's just say there is no way that's going to happen [UNIVERSE].

Okay, sugars. Talk to you later, and have a great weekend.



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