Well hello there. Since we last chatted, I've been to Eugene and back, and man I love that town. I don't want to move there, except sometimes I kind of do, but I love visiting it. We were there for Thanksgiving, of course, and it was a good time. Got to see The Shark and his lovely fiancÚ and her cute baby belly and wait a minute, why did my computer automatically add the accent mark on fiancÚ? Which it totally just did again? It's never done that kind of thing before. Weird. ANYway, as I say, it was nice to see them and get to know his betrothed (denied, computer!) a little bit better. Not a lot better, because she's still too shy around us for that, but a little bit. We also got to meet her mom, and she's a very nice person and easy to be around. Phew! We were nervous for that meeting, but of course we worked ourselves up about it for nothing.

Things purchased in Eugene: A ring that is a little turkey on a silver platter, and Argan oil for my hair. Eugene has really good shopping, but I've recently decided to try and buy things only in our county, when possible, so I severely limited the shopping. Couldn't pass up that ring, though. I mean come on.

Here's something I've been thinking about lately. I'm working on being a better and saner person, so I've been doing some hippy book reading and whatnot, and much of the time books will say that as soon as you understand the motivation behind something irritating someone else does, it won't bother you anymore because you'll be flooded with compassion for that person, or whatever. I have to say, I've not generally found that to be true, even when I concentrate really hard on applying understanding to a situation. I think it's because I've been unconsciously expecting that everyone is least Trying to be their best self, so when someone does or says something assholish, it seems like more of an offense than it really is, and they should know better. Clearly a lot of people are not trying to be their best selves, so this is an unrealistic expectation. Also I should mention that this whole thing is a purely internal struggle for me (the majority of the time), because if a person says or does an assholish thing, I'm not tempted to confront them about it. I'm just trying to get to a place where other peoples' actions don't result in me feeling burning hatred toward them. Feelings of burning hatred only perpetuate more feelings of burning hatred, and it's not a good place to be. So I guess lowered expectations are in order, but it would be nice if inner peace wasn't so freaking difficult to achieve. UNIVERSE.

Oh but speaking of that, I've been going to the UU church regularly except I missed the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Francisco's gone a couple times and thinks it's okay but doesn't love it, and this Sunday one of my coworker friends is going to go with me. She expressed interest and said she wanted to go; I did not invite her, though I like her and of course don't mind her going. However, prediction: She's going to hate it. She's an escaped former Christian and an atheist, and some of the things she's said make me think she won't take to the UU hippies. I tried to subtly suggest she might not enjoy the service, but she was undeterred, so we're going. I love those damn hippies so much. I know this is going to sound ..... something, but when I'm at that church I feel like it's a safe place to be; free of judgement and etc. I go because it's peaceful and the people there are all working toward being the kindest and best people they can be. I guess that could be an erroneous assumption, but why else would they go? The UU church doesn't tell you you're going to hell if you don't attend church, so it's not like people attend out of fear or pressure or whatever.

Total subject change: I love the Gay Pimpin podcast so much. SO MUCH. I downloaded a few episodes last month so we could listen when we were driving to and from Eugene, and it's just so much fun. Subscribed! I recommend it to everyone except Kimmy [it's too foul for you, Lambie], and also I'm pretty sure it can cause birth defects, so pregnant women should listen cautiously. There's supposed to be a new one available today, so that's my plan for the night: Listen to the Gay Pimpin podcast and knit something. I also need to feed myself something but I can't decide what I should eat. I've been having a problem with mustard lately -- plain, yellow mustard. The problem is I can't seem to get enough of it into my body. Once a day I have to think of something to eat (not hotdogs!) that can be a vehicle for a crapload of mustard. The day before yesterday it was baked sweet potato fries, dipped into mustard, plus salad. Last night I roasted potatoes and carrots and ate them with mustard. I had leftover potatoes and carrots with mustard for lunch, so tonight's meal should really give the mustard a rest, but it's all I can think about. See? A problem. I realized after my mustard lunch today that I was actually Sweating from consuming so much mustard, and that can't be good.

Or can it?

Probably not.

Maybe I'll eat a burrito.

Our house is all decorated for Christmas and I love it so much! We didn't decorate last year, so it seems extra festive. I found more nativity figures at the Goodwill, so now I'm up to 11 Baby Jesuses and a whole bunch of assorted worshippers. I put them on our round coffee table -- the Baby Jesuses in the middle with the worshippers in an adoring circle around them. I need to hit the thrifts again next weekend to see if I can score any more Speaking of the thrifts, last Saturday whenI went to them I had in mind that I needed some green felt for my exchange ornaments. I didn't really expect to find any, but there was a bag of green felt squares at St. Vincent's, and after I got it home I found there was exactly enough to make 10 Christmas tree ornaments. I got out the scissors and the Beadazzler and the sewing machine and set to work. I made my ornaments for 99 cents plus the cost of Beadazzling jewels and I am really quite pleased about that.

I think we're all caught up now. I could update you about my ongoing dry eye problem and how I might get my tear drainage ducts plugged, but that would be boring. How about I just tell you if it happens.

Have a great weekend!



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