and now, a musical interlude


Francisco painted our deck today; I'm sure it looks fantastic but I hate that he did it all by himself. His muscles are going to be screaming tomorrow. I wish I had something else to report to you, but life continues to be all about work, so instead here are some songs.

Songs of the Day:

Trees Lounge has a very long list of Louisiana-themed songs today, and I'm not sure I can select just one or three or five to make the song(s) of the day, so you'd better go and look. I know I'll be perusing that list again at home, because there are Many I really like.

Joanna Newsom -- Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie, at Dreams of Horses.

Gotan Project -- Diferente, at Comfort Music.

Mos Def -- Umi Says, at Kwaya Na Kisser.

The Willis -- They Have a Theory, at Largehearted Boy.

El Hijo -- Un Ayer, at Discheria ElRocco 0.01.

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