a return to toil


I'm back at work today, feeling better but nowhere near 100%. I credit my rapid recovery to reading The Swapatorium; I have read all the archives except for January, and I love, love, love it. Of particularly interest to me are the old photographs (duh), and after I get caught up at the Swapatorium, I will be visiting the Snapatorium, which is old photos that all appear to be for sale (there's a link from the Swapatorium, if you'd like to visit it). All this reading has made me desperate to attend estate sales, so I need to be on the lookout for any in our area--I'll check tonight's paper to see if there are some this weekend.

Yesterday I mostly did nothing, but in between nothing I packaged up my AtomicTonic swap cds for mailing, as well as making rude onesies and something else for my friend, Nicole's, brand new baby. Francisco is mailing the cds and baby stuff this afternoon; he is very good to me. Tonight we'll have dinner and catch up on good tv--with his Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday reserve deputy training, we haven't been watching our normal Tivo'd shows, so Fridays will be our catch-up days. Sharky will go to his indoor soccer and while he's gone we'll watch Sarah Silverman and anything else we deem too raw for the Shark to watch.

It dismays me to reread the previous two paragraphs; I'm not sure when I got so boring. Maybe (hopefully) this weekend something big will occur that I can tell you about next week. I plan to take a bunch of photos, weather permitting, especially since this is the weekend a horde of cowboy poets descend upon the town. We had tentatively planned to attend some of the events, but Francisco has deputy sheriff training the whole weekend--he will be learning first aid and rescue stuff, and also some things related to delivering a beatdown. I don't know what I'll be doing in his absence, but probably the photos, plus cooking dinners and some house chore stuff. And possibly some napping.

Bye lovies.




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