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My mens and I had dinner tonight while watching My Name is Earl and The Riches (Tivoed from different nights) and then Shark brought up the idea of watching Rocky Balboa, which we have from Netflix. I've heard it's good but I'd sorta rather give up my left nut than actually watch it, so I decided I'd do the dishes and go out for a walk. There were a couple of toiletry-type items I needed (toner, contact lens cleaner) so my plan was to walk downtown and then back, stopping by the Safeway for the items on my way home. As I was passing the Safeway on my way downtown, I stopped to take a picture of the Liberty Theater sign (at which point my camera--digital--told me the battery was exhausted CURSE IT), and as I was absorbing the full nature of that tragedy (a professional photographer must Always be prepared), a guy spoke to me.

"See that church?", he said. "It's called First Baptist Church. If John the Baptist was the first Baptist, who was the second Baptist? Or the third?" Now, truth be told, at that point in the evening I was a tiny bit tipsy, because YES I'm doing the tiny foods plan, but honestly, Cat Babies, can I really be expected to give up my Friday night wine? This would be a cruel world, indeed, if a girl couldn't even have a little extra wine on a Friday night. So I was a tiny bit tipsy and only too happy to have a conversation with a stranger who, it must be said, was Far more than a tiny bit tipsy. I can't remember what answer I gave him, but it must've been satisfactory, because he told me I have beautiful eyes. We exchanged names and shook hands and he expressed a desire to walk with me. Off we went, talking about nothing of consequence as we walked. He's older (53, I found out) and I would guess is a long-time alcoholic and possibly has been homelss at some point. Probably some people would think it foolhardy to set off on a walk with a drunk stranger, but I searched my instincts as we went and did not feel even the slightest trepidation, plus it was still light out, and lots of people were around, so it wasn't a particularly dangerous situation to start with. We stopped after not too long of walking and sat on a bench and talked.

What I found out is it's awesome talking to someone who's outside the mainstream AND has his consciousness altered by substances, because I could ask him all sorts of metaphysical questions and talk about my newfound beliefs in The Universe, and my new friend (Kevin, but not crazy Kevin who isn't crazy) didn't miss a beat. He didn't have too many insights, but he tried at least. He talked about people he knows and what he likes to do and what he doesn't like to do. Mainly he told me how much he wished I was his wife and how much he'd like to make out with me, but he accepted that I have a prior commitment on that score and I didn't have to use any of the defensive tactics Francisco taught me. Kevin walked me back up to Safeway and we said farewell. I shook his hand and he asked for a hug, which I gave to him. He held on a little too long, and I felt a bit uncomfortable about that, but then I thought it might have been awhile since he had a hug, and maybe he needed it. Again, defensive tactics were not necessary; he did let go and we said goodbye.

I don't know why I'm compelled to write this down except I've not had many conversations with people who would be considered "on the fringe", and talking to Kevin was engaging and surprisingly satisfying. I really wish that damn camera battery hadn't been exhausted, because Kevin has an interesting face and you wanna talk about beautiful eyes--his are very pretty. I'm just sure he would've let me take his picture, so I'll try to run into him sometime for another conversation and some snapshots so you can see what he looks like.

I guess I should rehydrate now and then go to bed. Sleep well, luvvies.




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