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Okay, so work is ridiculously busy today, but just real quick, I went to see Doctor this morning, and UPDATE: He is still amazing. I was pretty nervous to see him, because I was feeling kind of overemotional this morning (was feeling poorly and also I had a low-grade fever, which never helps with mood) and I'm convinced women are taken less seriously when they're emotional, so I was afraid I might cry in front of him or something. I really needed to be taken seriously because I'm more or less at the end of my rope with feeling shitty, so having Doctor be his usual awesome self was sooo great. ANYway, he asked lots of questions and then palpated my stomach, and then he had me go to the lab to give them blood, and also sent me to the hospital (right next to the medical office) to get a belly x-ray. The x-ray was normal (how sick is it that I was hoping there might be a troll doll in there?), and probably tomorrow I'll find out the bloodwork results. Unfortunately, because I mentioned that in Hawaii we stayed at a place where the tap water was not safe to drink (there were 5 gallon bottles of water/dispensers in the rooms) but that I absentmindedly rinsed my mouth with the tap water after tooth brushing, he wants to check for Giardia. This will require a stool sample, so tomorrow morning I will need to, er...drop the kids off at the lab. I almost laughed when the lab technician gave me the (tiny) container and two tongue depressors. The tongue depressors are supposed to be for the handling of my "sample", but to be honest with you, Internet [TMI alert], I'll be able to just pour it. You're welcome. Now I have to decide which of my containers will be sacrificed to this horrible purpose; if I were them I would be trembling in terror.

That groceness is all I have time to report to you today, oh, except that I FINALLY got my jewelry findings this week, from Hong Kong. They're nice findings, especially the bails, but I won't order from that seller again because the shipping time is just too long and I am too impatient.




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