And they don't wear pants on the other side of France but they do wear fleece to protect them from the beasts


So far this week I've been trying to 1) catch up at work and 2) coax the skin on my left middle finger to grow back together. I cut it on Saturday night while making dinner [don't drink and cook], and it wasn't a bad enough cut to require stitches, but even though I've kept a bandaid and neosporin on it, the cut skin doesn't seem to want to reunite. Stupid skin. Be more friendly!

Songs of the day:

Fred Schneider -- Monster. I remember loving that song during my first year in college; one of my roommates was scandalized. It was 1985.

The Pictures -- Milkshake. At Copy, Right?. Good cover.

I am so loving Flickr right now. I loved it before, because I enjoy looking at other peoples' pictures, but now I'm loving how easy it is to use. I sent an email out to my former classmates last night, to point them to the reunion pictures, and I haven't heard back from Any of them but I can tell they've been looking. I waited to email them until I had the Leslie and the LYs pictures up so they could wonder, "what the hell is That?", if they bothered to look at my other photos. Which they probably won't, but whatever.

Lucy has a new trick but it's one we're going to put the kibosh on right quick. My mens brought me 4 new Homies this weekend and I'd put the empty Homie containers on top of the armoire in the bedroom since I can't bring myself to throw them away. Lucy got on top of the armoire last night and delighted in swatting them off, and then she desisted in that behavior until 6:00 this morning when she resumed it with gusto. Since she's the master of figuring out annoying tricks to get us out of bed in the morning, we're thinking this'll become a habit if we let it, which we're sort of inclined to do because it's pretty cute, except not at 6:00 in the morning. So now I have to find a place for the Homie containers but I'll probably forget to do it until Lucy reminds me. I intend to keep collecting the Homies forever or until they stop being manufactured--they just look so Good grouped around the glow-in-the-dark Virgin Mary--so we're going to end up with a Lot of the containers. I think I'll use them in the AtomicTonic ornament exchange this year.

Spanish movies I've watched recently: 1) Cadena de Errores [Chain of Fools, changed to Chain of Errors/Mistakes]. This stars Steve Zahn (love him), Jeff Goldblum, Salma Hayek, Elijah Wood, Craig Ferguson, and other actors I like, but somehow it still manages to be not good, even in Spanish. 2) El Golpe [The Sting]. I haven't actually watched this yet--it is still pending--but there's no way The Sting can be ruined by dubbing into Spanish, so I'll give it two thumbs up in advance. I tried to watch one other movie Dennis recorded, but there must've been a scheduling change because instead of the movie it was a soap opera and then later a soccer game--Columbia vs Trinidad. I watched the soccer game and enjoyed it, but I think the Tivo helps because I could put it on one-click fast forward and make all that not scoring go a little faster. Final score: Columbia 0, Trinidad 0. EXCITEMENT. Pardon my ignorance, but is it the World Cup already? It's some cup, for sure, and I'm having Dennis pick up the final game, which hopefully will feature some scoring, but if not there's always one-click fast forward.

One other tv thing--Firefly is starting on FX on the 22nd, from the beginning, and I Super Plus Extra Strongly Recommend that you watch it if 1) you have FX and B) have not seen the episodes yet. I was so excited I almost made Dennis get a season pass until I realized that was dumb, since we have the DVDs and can watch them any time we want.

We're having Thai red coconut curry tonight with brown and black rice. The black rice was a recent Orient Supermarket purchase, and according to the lady at the market, you mix it with other rice when you cook it, with an approximate 4:1 ratio. Hopefully it will be Delicious. I just called home to see if Francisco would put some white wine in to chill, and Sharky was relaying my request because he's the one who answered the phone. Sharky said Francisco had put a bottle in the frig and I said, "Tell him I LOVE him", at which time Sharky said, "She says you smell." That kid makes me laugh so much.

Going home to eat my dinner now. I'm pretty hungry.

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