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Let me ask you this: Is there a Women's Power salute? Some kind of fist-in-the-air gesture we can make during times of triumph over our foes? I ask because, if I knew of such a salute, I would have made it immediately after reading this. My love for getupgrrl burns with the heat of a thousand suns, and if there is no Women's Power salute in existence, we women have got to invent one, STAT. Any stylistic suggestions?

Also, Catster!. I had no idea until Atomic pointed it out on the forum yesterday (dog bless her). There's also a Dogster, and I like dogs, but I think cats are funnier. I haven't signed Lucy and Esther up (and probably won't), but maybe I will someday if I feel the need for such a thing. Catster's fun to look through, because people post lots of pictures, and some are HI-larious.

I haven't done any griping about my most annoying coworker lately, but yesterday I was reminded all over again why being around her is like fingernails on a chalkboard. She has three kids. Her oldest (daughter) graduated from college last Spring and is currently in Puerto Rico, for whatever reason (I did not ask because I do not have the time to pretend to be interested for 30 minutes while she tells me). Her second oldest (daughter) is still in college, in Charleston. Her youngest (son) is 16 and still at home (as he should be). So yesterday she's overdramatizing how worried she is about oldest daughter, in Puerto Rico, because Tropical Storm Jeanne passed near there. And I'm sure if it was my daughter I'd be concerned, but not to the drama-queen levels my coworker is. From there she somehow got onto an interest of hers that she has not pursued, and I was encouraging her (whilst edging toward the doorway of her office, in an attempt to escape) to pursue the interest, and she said something that Almost made me stop edging and raise an eyebrow in disbelief. "Oh", she said. "I'm sure I'll try that someday, after I'm finished being a mother 24/7." Yo, hold up (tm, 'Dreas Novak). The only child still at home is 16. He has a job and his drivers license. He's at home, after school and work, only a few hours a day, AND this coworker holds down a full-time job. But she still considers herself a mom 24/7? This does not compute, and I hope she develops some hobbies/outside interests pretty quickly, or else Empty Nest Syndrome is going to kick her right in the neck, hard, when her son goes to college. I mean, what will she DO with her time? It would be in her best interest to develop some sort of style and personality as soon as possible, in preparation for having no children at home. Naturally I did not share this advice with her, because that would've been rude, whereas talking behind her back here, in the diary, is the height of decorum. Yeah, I suck, but I can't tell you how irritating this woman is to work with. She seems to have no ability to read the non-verbal cues of others, because if she had that ability, she would not be always coming into my office and sitting down to tell me non-work things, though I have resolutely kept myself turned toward my computer screen in an effort to dissuade her from talking to me. I mean, isn't that a pretty good clue that someone doesn't feel like chatting? That they do not actually turn toward you when you speak? I used to turn toward her, because I felt like the rudest person ever if I didn't, but it doesn't seem to make a difference to her whether I turn or not, so why turn? The outcome is still the same, i.e, yammer yammer yammer.

Okay, shutting up now. I'm a little pmsy and things are irritating me more than they perhaps should. That unnecessary party yesterday went pretty well, and the coworker whose fake birthday it was was very surprised. One person had bought her some cheap Ked-like shoes from walmart and had passed them around with a laundry marker for us to write stuff on them (the party had a shoe theme--why, I do not know). I started to write, on one of the heels, "STAY BACK 500 FEET. NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WINDSHIELD DAMAGE", but then I thought she might not think that was funny, so I changed it to "STAY BACK 500 FEET. SUDDEN STOPS", which alludes to her shopping addiction, as in, she might stop to look in the window of a shop. I like the windshield bit about 1000 times more, but you know--didn't want her to feel insulted or anything.

That's about it for now. I wasted most of the morning, but now I'm going to put my nose to the grindstone and really crank the work out. Wish me luck.


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