AND, they mocked the portrait


I need to make this fast, so here goes.

We saw Catch Me If You Can on Sunday afternoon and really enjoyed it. Afterwards we were talking about where to go have dinner and Boy suggested this Indian place we like. Francisco and I just about fell over, since Boy does not complain about Indian food but has never suggested it either. That kid is improving by the day. Francisco and I went at lunch today to sign the last thing we needed to sign, concerning the adoption (had to get it notarized). Francisco mailed it back this afternoon, and now we wait.

The tattoo is peeling and has started to itch. This is a good thing, but it means I'll have to be vacuuming my sheets again. Gross dead skin.

I have an appointment for Saturday morning to get the manicure, pedicure, and facial Francisco got me (gift certificate) last Valentine's Day. I've had manicures but never a pedicure or facial (which makes me a rube, I guess), so that should be interesting. I read Anniewaits' account of her recent facial, and all I can say is I hope my facialist person doesn't use milk. It Stinks!!

Speaking of milk, we recently started buying milk bottled at a local dairy, and it's in glass bottles that you rinse out and bring back to the store. I don't know why I like the glass bottles so much, but I really really do.

Go here and listen to "Beautiful Balloon". Are your ears bleeding? Because that's The Boy. Now you know why I dread his school concerts. I do love, though, that he takes pride in his bad singing. It shows a self-confidence I didn't have at that age.

Joe Millionaire? So horribly fabulous. The best thing about last night's episode was seeing Paris. That one Melissa (not MoJo)--what a jealous, Jealous girl. The looks she gives people when they aren't She shouldn't ever play poker. And the others? Uch. That MoJo wants to project confidence and style but I don't see that. Why would he keep Zora? She's so boring. They're ALL so boring, and He's so boring, but the show isn't boring because I can't wait to see the end, where he comes clean about his "wealth". It better be worth it or I'll be Soo bitter. Also? I think those jewel necklaces they've been getting are fakes. No way are those real jewels--those are colored zirconia or something. Mark my words.

On that fatuous note, I will end.


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