Today's respectful requests of help from the Universe:

1) Assistance in maintaining a good attitude at work. This may well be our busiest work day of the year, but all days next week will be super busy also. I can't change the busy factor, but if I can stay positive, or whatever, the day will not suck.

2) Assistance for my brother-in-law at his job interview today. This is not the job he Really wants, but he still might be nervous about the interview, even though he wouldn't look it; he has a zen-like outer demeanor at all times. Anyway, my request for him is basically that he will feel at the top of his game before and during the interview.

This morning I had an extremely vivid dream that I was being hunted down by some old enemy (not sure who), and I was eventually cornered and murdered. I won't go into the details except to say that I was shot in a bathtub and I was shot numerous times and Esther was in the tub with me and it was filling with water and I was afraid she'd drown so I goaded the person into shooting me in the head so it could be over and Esther could escape. Then I was going through a tunnel of clouds (afterlife) but I could hear myself breathing (post-flu congestion) and the incongruity woke me up. I know other people's dreams are boring, but truthfully I am just so awestruck at my dream bravery that I had to mention it. My dream self is pretty excellent.

I have a Nyquil hangover right now and would love to go back to bed.

Tomorrow morning Francisco is going across the mountains to do testing for a police job (a police job that is semi-local--we would not have to move), and tomorrow afternoon we're meeting with our realtor to write up an offer for the house I talked about interminably in my last update. Though I forgot to mention it has a fire pit. That is all I'm going to say about the place today. *zips lips and throws away key*

Mmm. MMMMM!! *finds key, unzips lips* Tonight we're having dinner at Twyla and Sonny's. Yay! *rezips, rethrows*




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