the siren song of the dulce de leche


I got a good start to my day; I did yoga and then, when I was reclining in relaxed pose at the end, Esther climbed onto me and sat on my stomach. She'd been dogging me for several minutes, rubbing on whatever body part was sticking out (elbows and arms, mostly), and finally she had her reward. Her sitting on me cracked me up, for some reason, and made me laugh until small tears squirted from my eyes. That cat is the shit. She sat on my lap also, this morning, when I was having coffee and watching news, and I could've sat there forever, hugging her warm furriness and listening to her corn-on-the-cob purr.

So, the Columbia shuttle thing is sad. I'm sorry for the astronauts' friends and family, but at the same time I'm not even surprised that this happened. Getting shot into space and then coming back to earth is a dangerous business; I'm only surprised there haven't been more shuttle disasters. I think going into space a good thing to do, for several reasons, and it's laudable that there are men and women brave enough to do it.

This weekend I went thrift shopping and Scored. I was looking for hardback books to make into journals (found two good ones--one Way out of date psychology book and one novel called "A Taste for Death") and sweaters to felt and incorporate into patchwork wool blankets. I found two good sweaters, and one I feel guilty about possibly felting, because it is a really nice cashmere (if it was my size, I'd definitely wear it; it's in good condition). Only $3 for the cashmere sweater and $1 for the other, which is a heavy wool. I also found some nice yarn--$1 for 4 skeins (just what I need....more yarn). I spent about $5 total, and I think I want to frequently visit the store where I got the sweaters, because they have Really nice things, and for cheap. So all in all a good thrifting experience, even though I Did drag my ass out to a Salvation Army--far from where I live--and it turned out to be Not good. At least I know for next time. I remembered when I was at the good store why I like thrift store shopping so much; it's like a treasure hunt. That store is Very close to where I work; I'm going to visit it once a week at least, on my lunch breaks.

Otherwise this weekend I did laundry and dishes and changed the sheets and made bread and read a magazine and saw About Schmidt (I enjoyed it--it was sad in some places, but good, I thought. I loved the "Dear Ndugu" device). Boy spent the night at his friend's house on Saturday night; hence Francisco and I could go see a rated R film. Not sure why it was rated R except for Kathy Bates' nudity. She is, by the way, an extremely brave woman for doing the nude scene and I admire her. Anyway, I worked on Francisco's scarf and made a lot of progress, but not done yet. I want to finish it up Right Now so that I can make Catie's scarf, because she sent me the sock dogs (we're trading crafts) and Oh My Wax, they are cute! And not cloyingly cute either; just really cute. I can't decide which of the two I like more, but that Catie? She is something else.

Francisco and I went for long walks twice this weekend and I really love that. We talk about so many interesting things when we walk; it's the best time we spend, I think. Also, I petted two cats on our walk yesterday--one was our kitty friend, KissKiss, and the other was a nervous but friendly boy cat. I think he was at least part Russian Blue. I love petting cats that are so friendly they come out to greet us, but I hope my cats don't do that. I worry about people being mean to them.

I wish I had some big amazing story from the weekend that I could tell, but it was just quiet and nice and relaxing. I do want to point out that several times this weekend I resisted donuts and other junk food, and the only bad food thing I ate was some dulce de leche, which I bought because I just happened to see it at a weak moment. I'm very hungry right now; I could eat an entire JAR of dulce de leche, so it's good I don't have it here at work with me.

Going home to see my boys and cats and have Dinner.....


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