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So here's the deal: I'm going to tell you the health stuff that has transpired since my last update, and then I'm NOT GOING TO TALK ABOUT IT ANYMORE EVER. Except that when I'm finally well, I will probably mention my full recovery, but ONLY IN PASSING. This is for all of our benefits. You will not be bored by my health talk, and I will be spending less time thinking/talking about feeling unwell. I don't think dwelling on it helps with the healing, and I'm setting my sights on getting all better. Nothing is going to stop me.

Final Health Update: I saw the internal medicine guy, and he said that based on everything I told him, he thinks I contracted some sort of food-borne illness in Hawaii, and that in dealing with it, my immune system has gone a little crazy. That's not hard to believe, since my immune system is prone to going a little overboard [coughITKILLEDMYTHYROIDcough]. The other main thing he said (or rather, the other thing I focused on) was that he thinks I'll get better, though he can't guarantee my digestion will ever be 100% back to normal. I choose to believe he was hedging his bets; I think I'll get 100% better.

Internal medicine guy wanted me to have a colonscopy, just to be sure there wasn't any inflammation that would indicate Crohns or Inflammatory Bowel Disease (plus, though he didn't say Cancer, I'm sure that was something he wanted to rule out), so I had that done last Friday. Everyone who's had a colonoscopy told me the actual procedure isn't bad, but that the prep sucks, and they were right! I mean, I'm not going to start having recreational colonoscopies, but really it was no big deal. The gallon of stuff I had to drink the day before, to turn my poo to water (sorry, but it's true) was a Horror. When I'm 50 and have my screening colonoscopy, I'm not going to use the "flavor" pack that comes with the drink; I will instead use a couple Crystal Light packs, because that has GOT to taste better. Oy. Anyway, the doctor didn't see any inflammation (or cancer) and I don't have polyps (which is good news), but he took a couple small biopsy samples just to be sure nothing is lurking. I do not expect those samples to yield any helpful information at all.

Since no one seems able to tell me the steps to take to return to full health, I made the decision last weekend that I'm going to just try to be as healthy as possible, in all aspects of life. I am resuming eating fiber-rich foods (they are contraindicated in the diet for people with IBS), and fruits, and all the vegetables I like, and basically I'm going back to the healthy diet I had before all this bullshit started. And you know what, so far so good. I really do think I'm getting better--I noticed my energy level started improving a couplethree weeks ago, and my mental state has improved. Sunday I wasn't feeling so great, but I went outside and did some weeding in the garden anyway, and it made me so happy. Weeding is on my Health Plan for Great Success, as is riding my bike, when it stops raining so damn much. And yoga. And maybe even that hateful Jillian Michaels dvd; who knows. Oh, and I get to spend a couple hours tomorrow night with my nieces, and I'm positive their aggressive doting will do me good. I'm putting time with those girls on my Plan for Great Success.

/health talk forever

Today on my lunch hour I bought a small, cranky-looking ceramic bird and I can hardly wait to take it home and install it somewhere for Francisco to see. He's putting up with my bird obsession admirably but I'm determined to find the limit of his tolerance.

Speaking of Francisco, a few weeks ago he established a new bed in our front yard and he put in a hydrangea and Japanese maple (which I think I may have told you about). A couple weekends ago he put more plants into that bed and mulched it with bark and it looks so nice. He also moved a couple big planters from the back of the house to the front and added two large terra cotta pots. In these 4 planters/pots we have lavender, rosemary, geraniums, and some other flowering plant. I'm happy with how much better this makes the front yard look. The vegetable garden in the backyard is doing really well (except for the bell peppers, which are a bitch to grow around here. they take forever just to stop looking like they're going to die.), and I think I might take some pictures because I would especially like to show you how ridiculously gorgeous the potato bed is. Talk about thriving! The strawberry bed is doing well too, and basically I think we'll be eating well this summer, as in the past couple summers. Yay! I'm happy to be feeling well enough to do work out there now; I was feeling pretty useless sitting inside all the time.

Not sure what else to talk about today. Something new is I have recently named our upstairs room The Hamptons. This is because Esther's been spending all her time up there, and I was already calling it her summer home, so it wasn't much of a leap to say she's summering in The Hamptons. I might make a little Hamptons sign to hang above the doorway to upstairs.

Okay, that's all then. Talk to you later!




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