I miss his eggs


I have GOT to learn how to cook eggs properly. Last night at the store I bought brie and mushrooms for an omelet, and I went through the whole thing of pre-sauteing the mushroom slices, which took awhile because Francisco has drilled into me [heh] the importance of not overcrowding the pan and all that. So I did them in 4 batches and then I was ready to cook the eggs, but I guess I cooked them on too high a heat because they came out too firm and even with the brie and mushrooms it was a subpar omelette. I managed to choke (scarf) it down anyway, and I had a good salad with it but no goat cheese on the salad, because I already had the brie in the omelette and that seemed like enough cheese for one night. Not that one can ever have too much cheese, of course, but because I am already straining the tensile strength of my pants lately, it seemed prudent to forgo extra cheese.

Hey, when did it become okay for telemarketers to start bugging us again? I guess I missed the press release on that one, but telemarketers are all the time calling me nowadays and it is making me cranky. I keep thinking it's someone I might WANT to talk to [Francisco, the Shark, Seth Rogen] and then it's just another credit card offer. What a letdown.

Okay, so Mindy Kaling has a blog and it is FUNNY. There are other people that post to it also, but it's mainly her. She and her love of candy and for that Juicy Couture laptop cover have won my heart. Why does she not live next door to me so she can be my new best friend? Life is cruel.

I can hardly wait for this work day to be over. Tonight for dinner I'm going to have toast with brie [WHAT. my pants will hold together for one more day], salad, and cantaloupe. Also a glass of wine. As know, I allow myself one glass of wine per night, and last night I was thinking how handy it is that I have wine glasses in a range of sizes. Last night was a big glass night. Also tonight I'm going to finally put together my craft supplies exchanges packages so I can mail them out tomorrow after my mammogram, which I am not at all worried about. Maybe I should be, but I'm not. So that's good.

The work day is over! Zzooooom.




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