I haven't been updating regularly lately because work has been so crazy busy [and I owe absolutely EVeryone an email], but here are a few things:

1. Sonny got the job in my office--Yay! He's starting work next Monday and I hope he enjoys the job. I know I'll enjoy working with him and that he'll be a huge asset to our office.

2. I recently decided that from now on I will be writing all my thank you notes on 8 1/2 x 11 paper, in crayon, with accompanying drawings. It occurred to me to do this when I was thinking about how I owe Sonny's mom a thank you note for the seeds and dried flowers she sent me, and my eye fell upon a crayoned thank you note from Frances and Lucia, magneted onto the refrigerator. Eureka! Tonight I shall create my first such masterpiece for her and mail it tomorrow. I might even include an outline of my hand.

3. The 3-day weekend was great. We did a lot of good stuff, including buying a small armoire for the living room, to put coats in, and reorganizing around that. We did some garden things and went to Xtreme Bulls (see next paragraph) and slept in until at least 7:00 each day. That might sound to you like some piss-poor sleeping in, but we both get up around 5:00 normally, so 7:00 is luxurious. Anyway, I was glad to have Francisco home for 3 whole days; I was sorry to say goodbye to him, but at least it's a short week, right?

4. Xtreme Bulls was a fairly amazing spectacle and I'm glad we went, though it was super cold that night and we woulda froze to death without the blankets Twyla packed. Next year I want to go again and will buy tickets early so we can get seats with a better view. I think sitting in the cold, on the hard benches, is partly what caused my sacroiliac joint to flare up again, because Oh it has flared. It's a bit better than it was on Monday (v. ouchie) but I had to skip yoga last night because there was just no way; I couldn't even turn over in bed without whimpering. Gripe gripe gripe I'm sure it will be healed up soon.

5. As of yesterday I have started watering the garden in the evenings after work, because it's just too dark in the mornings now to do it then. In retrospect I'm not sure whey I wasn't doing it at night all along--it's so nice to have the extra time in the morning. Live and learn. Last night I planted some seeds of cool weather plants. I planted some kind of Asian greens (that's all the seed packet said: "Asian greens for stir fry"), some arugula, and some romaine. Francisco seeded a whole big bed of spinach this weekend, so we have that to look forward to.

6. Today I picked up photos from a roll of black and white I had developed, and as usual most of the pictures are meh but there are a few standouts. Those please me.

7. I have to pee, so I'm going to wrap this up. Talk to you soon, hopefully.




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