I love projects that have no discernible purpose


We got an email this morning from our friend, Kimmy, containing a great picture of her daughter, Grace, in the blow-up kiddie pool they just got. Grace is so, so cute in the picture, and she has that gorgeous baby skin, prompting me to say, "Look at that skin! I'd give anything to have that skin." Boy then exhibited excellent comic timing and delivery when he casually asked, "Where would you put it?" *

A couple nights ago I made Francisco come outside with me and look at that spider with a flashlight. It's not a black widow and it doesn't look like a brown recluse, though it's brown, so I just don't know. It has received a stay of execution until it proves itself dangerous, and I wish I could identify it somehow, because I'm curious about things like what kind of spider is that. I've been having nightmares about spiders, like, they're in our bed and stuff, and I'm sure it's that stealth spider's fault. Not good.

I've decided that if I were going to be a graffiti artist (tempting), I would only paint on freight trains, because they're already ugly, can't get much uglier, and in some cases could be improved. Furthermore I decided that what I would paint would be "MEOW 67". I used the Microsoft Paint thingy today to see what I could do with it, and the answer is not much--I think using real paint would be far easier. Francisco said he'd build me a faux wall in the backyard (out of plywood) that I can practice on, and I would go from there to canvas if I got to be any good at it. I do not plan to paint on trains, but I like seeing the pictures when other people do it. I'm going to go to the freight train yard in Durham some lunch hour this week to see if there's any train graffiti--I'll take my camera and photograph it if it's there and it does not suck.

Yesterday afternoon our office closed down and we went to the 2nd annual 4 office picnic, at which we lost our tug of war trophy (won last year), and didn't just lose it, but lost BIG. That other office wanted it more, I guess. They wiped the field with us and the other offices (literally, in the case of one other office--two people fell down and were dragged). The picnic wasn't fun; it was a very hot day and the food wasn't good and it was tedious and boring and I'd rather have been in the office, working (or pretending to work, if we're going for honesty here). The organizers of the picnic had gotten area businesses to donate prizes (they did it last year too) and that was one of the tedious things, all the prize drawing. Someone from one of the offices apparently makes really good cakes, and she donated two to the drawing, which surprised and dismayed me. Surprised because I didn't even think to donate something and dismayed because, dudes. I could've made t-shirts to donate, and how much fun would that have been? A lot, that's how much (I have some very funny pictures I could've used). If I'm in this job next year, you can be sure I'll donate some shirts.

Oh, and yesterday when I was on my way to the picnic, I stopped for gas, and something I saw has got me thinking. Somebody had stuck a clear plastic, sticky-backed business card holder onto the gas pump (TAKE ONE was printed on the bottom of the holder) and had put in some cards for a weight loss plan thing that undoubtedly does not work. BUT, think of the possibilities for those holders! A person could make cards to fit in there and could put anything they wanted on them. Depending on what you put on the cards, the thing could be like a mini art installation piece, right? I bet those holders are available at office supply stores, and maybe they come in larger sizes as well. This has got me thinking, all right.

Boy started school yesterday, and though he did not want to go, he was excited enough about the cool bookbag Minired and her husband gave him last weekend that going to school was at least palatable. He put all the "pieces of flair" Minired had given him for Xmas on the bag, except the patches, but I sewed those on last night so they're on there now too. Oy, my fingers. He feels very cool.

The Universe is nagging me to work, so I better get right on that.



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