I'M boring, but fortunately other people are not


Francisco called me just now and said when he got home there was a note on the door in Sharky's scrawled handwriting. It read:


Dayton, Kessler, and Andrew are over, so don't be alarmed if you hear voices or smell pot.

And as long as I'm on the subject of how funny other people are, today I made a badge for one of my student coworkers. I won't go into why I made the badge, because that part is boring, but the badge itself just says I'M SPECIAL, and has a stick-on moustache taped to it. After I presented my coworker with the badge, we had the following IM conversation about it:

Eva: don't feel compelled to wear that, btw.
Tommy: i would wear it, but i don't think the public is ready for such bold statement. i better wait this out a little while.
Eva: right, you should wait for the world to catch up to you.
Tommy: i do love the mustache though. it really screams " I'M SOMEONE WITH POWER!"
Eva: see, i thought so too. i have an assortment of moustaches in here, but that's the one that leapt out as the power stache.
Tommy: its very nice. it looks as though you scalped a police officer's lip. thats probably why it looks so powerful.

I just really think that kid is funny. He doesn't talk much, but when he does it's usually something amusing.

So, yay! Weekend! I have no plans other than catching up on some chores, but probably I should move more stuff from the old house. There's not That much left, but practically all our art is still there, as well as some extra bedding and some miscellaneous things like my aerobic step and extra coats and the lawmower. Oh, also half of Sharky's things that he didn't choose to take over before. Hopefully most of that will go straight to the Goodwill. It's snowed like 5 out of the last 7 days, and that's not really helping with the continued moving project, but this thing will get done before the end of the month; I KNOW it.

That's all I've really got. This week at work has been quite busy, so that's one reason I've not updated, but the other is that there wasn't much to tell. Hopefully this weekend will be action-packed, because that would make for some good reading next week, eh?




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