there's a lot of good meat on that baby


Does anyone have tv connections and could tell me where and to whom to pitch a reality tv show idea? Because I have to tell you, the idea I had last night is Pure Television Gold and I think people would really like to watch it. I know *I* would like to watch it, anyway. Let me know if you have suggestions about who I could sell this idea to. I can't tell you the idea now, because someone would surely steal it, and Eva wants to get paid.

Speaking of reality tv, Colonial House is killing me over here. I'm not sure why I find it so riveting, but I do. Paul from Manchester continues to be my favorite, though Don and Dom are right behind him on the favorite-o-meter. I also like the blonde girl servant whose name is escaping me at the moment. It seems like half of them have taken up smoking those little ho-made pipes and drinking aquavit in the morning--so much for clean living in the 17th century. Not that I disapprove, really, because it's interesting to watch them hunched around a table in the morning, lighting their pipes from the candles and slugging down liquor. Poor things; they're living a hard life.

Got my hair cut today and I think it's a good length, but I had to clip it up for the afternoon because it looks weird. My hair tends to dry, when left to its own devices, in a Krusty The Klown shape, and that is Not a good look for me. Hence the clippage. Tomorrow after a wash and dry, it will be beautiful, or at least as close as it gets to beautiful.

Francisco called me this afternoon to gleefully report the receipt of The Return of the King and the bonus disk from Netflix. He's all smug because Netflix just mailed the disks yesterday and we already have them, so you can guess what we'll be doing tonight, right? Fine by me--I'm in the mood to see that again, though what I really want is the extended version. I can wait.

I made two promises to myself this morning. 1) That I would drink 2- 24 ounce glasses of water at work today (I'm working on the second) and 2) That I would stay off the internet today completely, so as to get a lot of work done, though I am allowing myself to quickly post this here diary entry, at the end of my work day. These are promises to myself rather than goals, because goals are easy to let slide, but if a girl can't keep promises made to herself, then who Can she keep promises to? This is from the wisdom of Catie, and my advice to you is, listen to Catie. She knows.

That's about all I have today except the boss brought his unfortunately-named baby grandson to work this afternoon and remarked on what a chunky boy he is. This gave me the opportunity to observe that the child is just about butchering size, which pleased me greatly. It's a good thing my character is well-known here, because I can say so many things other people wouldn't be able to get away with. It's a blessing, for sure.


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