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People, I have an announcement: There are 4 feral kittens living in our backyard! Their mom is there too; she's been eating from the food I put out for Captain Mayhew, but this morning I put a bowl of food and bowl of water in the backyard for her so she wouldn't have to potentially get in any fights for it (Mayhew is pretty protective of his food). The kittens scatter if anyone approaches, but I was watching them from our bedroom window and they're playing like crazy, wrestling and whatnot. If there's anything more entertaining than kittens wrestling with each other, I don't know what it is. They're super cute, too; black and white and a little fluffy, like their mom. Francisco also loves kittens and if Esther and Lucy weren't such spoiled bitches (I say this with love), I imagine we'd try to get the kittens into the house, but as it is, we'll leave them in their backyard paradise.

Francisco and I took the car to the shop last night to get it serviced--we dropped it off and put the key through the door slot, in an envelope--and then walked home (maybe 8 or 10 blocks). We went a little out of our way so we could look for any houses for sale, and saw one we're interested in. It has almost everything we want--big yard, 3 bedrooms, wood floors, shed, garage, in walking distance to my job and Sharky's school--and it even has a sun porch (!) and the creek running through at the back of the backyard. Plus a couple large lilac bushes next to the creek, AND the back yard is completely bare dirt. I suspect they're planning to put down sod, but we'd rather have the bare dirt, since we want to put in a big vegetable garden and would just have to rip up lawn anyway. The house is being re-roofed right now, so the only drawbacks we could see in person and from the "take one!" description sheets attached to the realty sign are that it has only one bathroom and also the siding isn't in the greatest shape ever. It was built in 1920 so it has lots of charm, and we want to get an appointment to view it with a realtor to see if the inside amenities will make up for the bad siding. I wouldn't mind replacing the siding as long as that was the only major thing that would need doing in the foreseeable future. It hurts my feelings more than a little that this house, which is priced on the low end of the Eburg market, is still over $100K more than we paid for our house in NC, which was larger and in better condition, but that's the market for you.

But now I'm worried about what will happen to the cat and her kittens if we move. I assume they'll move also, since their food source would be gone, but I worry about where they'd go and what they'd eat. Lovies, it's hard to be responsible for the whole world, let me tell you. Y'all just don't know.

UPDATE: Since I wrote the preceding, Francisco called to say he talked to the realtor and we're going to look at the house tonight at 5:30-ish. Yay!

I slept better last night and hope to continue that trend tonight. I think it helped yesterday to feel I had a handle on what needed to be done for our day-to-day living and etc, and I feel the same today so I expect to sleep well. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Bleep blorp.

Okay, I'm done.




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