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Everything's going my way today. First off, I found out I won an ebay auction for an Argus 21 Matchfinder for $7.77 plus shipping. The person selling the camera seemed to have at least Some camera knowledge (annoyingly rare on ebay) and has tested the camera with good results, so this most likely won't be a repeat of the $5 flea market Contaflex debacle. Which, at only $5, wasn't really a debacle anyway, especially since I will someday make a pinhole camera out of that one. I should have the Argus 21 in my sweaty little (big) hands by Wednesday of next week, and lo, I am fairly quivering with excitement. True Story -- you should see my handwriting right now. This is the first thing I've bought from ebay since The Ms. Kwon Incident; a sign that I am really over the ripoff. The postcard project helped.

Secondly, I'd lost another half pound as of this morning--the starving is working. My pants aren't falling off or anything, but they're much looser. I have a couple pairs of pants that are one size too small right now that I can't wait to get back into and then shrivel out of--I've got my eye on the prize, friends. To the smaller pants and beyond!

Thirdly, I've been forgetting to mention this, since it's only a little thing, but last weekend I found an old roll of film, left over from when we had our last film camera (about 4 years ago, before the flash exploded), and I'm almost positive it's expired (there's no date on it), since it was purchased 4+ years ago. I've been Loving pictures taken with expired film on Flickr (there's a group) and have been wanting to try it but didn't have expired film and didn't feel like buying 50 rolls of it off ebay. So now I can try it with absolutely no cost to me, and I hope the results will be super funky.

It's a good thing I wrote all the above this morning, because now that it's almost 5:00, I'm absolutely brain dead. I've done looooooads of work today, kittycats, and I am knackered. I'm also annoyed because I realized April 1 falls on a Saturday this year, which wrecks my plan to hand in resignation letters on both April 1 and April 2. Instead I think I'll just quit every single day from April 3rd through June 2nd, which will be my last day. I also have a plan for a funny picture to give my boss when I leave, but I'd rather show you the finished product than describe the idea to you, so you'll have to Wait.

Song of the Day: Sparks -- Perfume, at Cobain in a Coma; scroll down to March 21.

This weekend we have only two solid plans: 1) Watch the Liverpool/Everton game on Saturday and 2) Have my second-in-command boss over for brunch on Sunday. I know I'll do lots of other stuff, but right now I can't think about doing anything other than going home and drinking as much wine as my calorie-restricting experiment will allow for today, which will probably be about 8 ounces. Need I point out IT'S NOT ENOUGH? Eyes on the prize, eyes on the prize.

Have a great weekend!
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