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Diary, I feel great today, even though I woke up at 2:30 and couldn't go back to sleep. I tried, I really did, but I just laid there and laid there, then finally got up a few minutes after 4:00 because the laying there was getting too frustrating. Francisco got up around 4:45 and we went to the gym to do the step/tone class. This was Francisco's second time there and he did pretty good for someone who didn't entirely know what was going on. The class consisted of 7 men and 3 women (including me and Francisco), and I really like that. The mens like to yell stuff out, frequently, and that makes it more fun. I sweated like crazy, which you know I love.

I get tomorrow off work, and that's weird because this is the first job I've ever had that gives Veteran's Day off. I have plans for my 3 day weekend: Tomorrow I'm going to the dollar store to get inspiration and hopefully supplies for my AtomicTonic exchange ornaments. I had an idea but once the prototype was made, I decided I didn't really like the idea that much. This isn't that huge a surprise, because I usually scrap at least 2 ideas before deciding on the real one, but it's kind of vexing to be this close to the ornament deadline (less than 2 weeks) and have nothing solid in mind. Tomorrow I'm also going to do my weekend chores and see the Borat movie (with Francisco and Sharky, natch), which we'd planned to do last weekend but didn't. Saturday our friends, Bennet and Yasmine, will be coming through town and staying the night--I will endeavor to drink far less wine than I did the first time they came over. OY. Sunday we're going over to Seattle to see my friend, Jill, who is visiting from North Carolina with her husband whose mom lives in the Seattle area. I hope the pass doesn't close and prevent us from going--I heard it was going to snow at higher elevations, but then I read something which contradicted that. Whatever.

Today I'm wearing tights Francisco's mom gave me awhile back but which I hadn't worn yet--they're kind of a geometrical black, grey, and white pattern. I'm also wearing a skirt I'd not worn before--I got it at the TJ Maxx before we moved. It's black and I'm wearing a black sweater and red shoes. I knew you were pining for this wardrobe information, Internet. You are welcome.

Tuesday I was in Seattle the whole day for a training session. I thought it would be more fun than it was, to ride over and back with my coworkers, but they talked work the WHOLE TIME. The whole 4 hours of driving, all the breaks, and during lunch. I mostly zoned out, at least during the times I wasn't devoutly wishing I'd brought a couple of Barbies to play with while the grownups talked. I managed to listen to a lot more of the training session than I'd expected, and I did learn some stuff. I figure now that I'm 38 (almost 39, dammit), it's high time I learned to concentrate when people are lecturing. I've always sucked at that, and it's possible I've got some ADD thing going on, but I've made it this far with my terrible listening skills, so whatever my problem is, it hasn't really done any harm. Or at least that's what I'm choosing to think.

Last weekend I got a new camera and I can tell it's going to be one of my favorites, provided the pictures I take with it turn out halfway decent. It's a Nickelodeon Photoblaster:

Nickelodeon Photoblaster

This camera cost me 59 cents. It wasn't in with the other cameras at the Goodwill; it was instead shoved in a bin with roller blades and roller blade accessories (replacement brakes, etc)--it's a good thing I'm a digger. The Master Blaster (as I am choosing to call it) has two lenses, arranged vertically, [skip this if you read it already on Flickr. I'm talking to you. YES, you], and they take pictures independently. The way it works is, the top shutter will take a photo, and then you wind to cock the bottom shutter, then you can take a picture with that one. Then when you wind, you're advancing the film a half frame, as well as cocking the top shutter, which you can then take a photo with, then wind to cock the bottom shutter, and you can take a picture with that. So it's like the quadcam, in that there are 4 photos per frame, but they can be of entirely different things (unlike the quadcam, which takes all 4 pictures basically at once), and I can't tell you how much I absolutely love that. I'm basically making photo collages when I take pictures, which is totally fun, and if you ever see one of these cameras, I advise you to snatch it up, especially if it's 59 cents.

I'm pretty sure I had other things to tell you, but I can't remember any of them at the moment. That's okay; I'm certain you and I will speak again real soon.




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