Married By Morons? No thank you.


You know the eBay commercial where the little man is dancing and lip-synching? I love that little man. I told Francisco this weekend that if, god forbid, anything ever happens to him, I'm going to track down that cute, bald little man and make him mine. I have no idea why I like the little man, but I do. The next time you see that commercial, right when it starts and he stands up from his chair, watch his left foot--I think that small foot gesture makes all the difference.

So, that new reality show starting tonight--Married by America? I can't bring myself to watch it. I enjoy much of the reality show crap that is out there, but this one is too much, even for me. I can't watch it, I can't vote for who should marry who--that's mainly my problem with this show. If I voted for people to marry each other, I would be [partially] responsible when it didn't work out, and I can't take that kind of pressure. And has it come to this? People are so fed up with the dating scene that they're willing to go for an arranged marriage? If that's what dating has come to, then we need Professional Matchmakers, because having regular Americans choose your mate is Not a good idea. These are the same people who kept Married With Children and Full House on the air for so long; do you really want them deciding who you marry?? It's Such a bad idea. I boggles.

Why is solitary confinement (in prison) considered a punishment? If I had to go to prison I would far rather be by myself than with other people. Other people are dangerous, in prison--I can't understand why anyone would want to be in the general prison population. Let's someone's bitch, or be in a cell by yourself..... . Seems like an easy choice. I think I'll just do everything I can to keep myself Out of prison, thankyouverymuch,and then I'll never have to worry about it.

This weekend I:

Was home on Friday because Boy's school was closed (they had no electricity, because of the ice storm).

Saw 'Old School' on Friday night with Francisco, because Boy spent the night at Tony's. Vapid but funny; Will Ferrell carried the whole movie. Vince Vaughn was funny too, but Will Ferrell made me laugh like a maniac.

Made Boy a pair of comically mismatched slippers--one was much bigger than the other. He doesn't care that they are freakish.

Did my regular cleaning chores, and the laundry things.

Was Esther's Lap of Luxury for countless hours (she loves to sleep on me).

Went thrift shopping with Francisco; no overly amazing buys, but found a few good things.

Played several hours (cumulatively) of Crash Team Racing--my left thumb is very calloused now.

Did not receive my freaking yarn, and in fact found out it wasn't even Mailed until last week! That store will feel my wrath.

Drank too much wine, but it was good wine.

Went to a French restaurant Friday night and had good food. I had creme brulee for dessert and about 5 minutes later I was extremely congested and was congested for several hours. Not sure why that was; it hasn't happened before.

Did a little Workwork, at home. No big deal.

Bought junk food yesterday, with Boy egging me on. He's a vile temptress, he is. Just because I got us each a donut, and got some Dove chocolate eggs and 2 boxes of Girl Scout cookies, he thought it was open season on junk food. He's wily and is sensitive to my permissive moods.


Not a bad weekend, I must say. It was in the 60's yesterday and I was able to open the windows and air out the house for a couple of hours; it was great. After it got too chilly I closed the windows and fired up my scented oil diffuser thing, and basically the house smells much fresher now. You know how stale the indoors can get during the winter. Bleh.

I really don't have anything exciting to report, which is a pity, but there you go. Work is speeding up now, and that's a bit distressing, but not unexpected. I had forgotten that the worst part of spring is not doing aid packages for incoming students, but is having to do their aid packages while also still dealing with continuing students. It gets to be Waaay too much at this time of the year. Kill me.

Have a good night!


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