I love a man in a skirt


I love Arrested Development very much--I think I've made that clear. One thing I haven't talked about is how Arrested Development has changed my view of the Segway scooter thing. There's a guy who rides his Segway (is that the right spelling? I have no freaking idea) past my office at least once a day, and now when I see him I think, "jackass", instead of, "cool!" I think this is a fine change of perception because really, those scooters are inherently silly, especially as featured on Arrested Development. Thank you, Ron Howard.

The skink hasn't come out of the AC vent and I'm very worried. I think he's probably lost and hungry but there's nothing I can do. If I could find that cricket from Sunday, I could throw that into the vent for him.

Yesterday my friend Diana reminded me of the existence of Utilikilts, and I reminded Francisco about them, and long story short, he ordered one today for his birthday next month. Score! A birthday gift he actually wants! I'm very pleased, because A) I think men in skirts are Hot, and 2) I think he'll enjoy wearing it.

Feeling a little mentally ill today, in the sense that I'm having trouble concentrating on any one thing because there are so many things I need to think about. The phone keeps ringing and I have so much to do and can't get any of it done. Everyone I work with is in the same boat though, so at least misery is company.

Gotta run,


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