Joyce! My pipe and slippers


Last night I got home from work, kissed Francisco, who was making dinner, and put my stuff away. I then changed into pajamas (as is the way of my people), collected the glass of wine Francisco dispensed me, and sat down to read the paper. At that moment it occurred to me that I AM LIVING THE LIFE OF A MAN FROM THE 1950's. And let me tell you something, it is a Good Life. No wonder it took women so long to get into the workplace--if I was a man in the 1950s, I wouldn't want my wife to work; that would ruin everything for me. When (if) Francisco joins Police, that will also ruin everything for me, but I will cope, mainly by ranting to everyone I know about "those damn mens' libbers".

Yesterday at lunch I dropped off the first roll from the Nickelodeon Photoblaster, at Photo Haus. It didn't take me long to figure out why that camera was discontinued; there is no way children could possibly have liked it. Children are impatient (even more so than me) and probably would have lost interest in the camera before they even finished their first roll of film. I had to take 96 photos (24 x 4) to finish the roll, and I didn't really mind that, but I think it would aggravate a 10 year old. I'll pick the prints up tonight after work, and I hope they're decent. I also hope Jessica is there so we can have a fun conversation, but it's finals week, so who knows.

My apologies to those of you who have seen this already, on Flickr, but when I was reading the paper last night I came across the following ad, in the paper's supplement thingie:

why i do declare,

It gives me THE SHIVERS. A newborn-sized "baby" you can cuddle? If it was a toy for children that would be one thing, but this is being marketed to adults, for the purpose of reliving the joy of having a newborn, and that is totally effing creepy to me. Of course I brought the clipped-out ad to work with me today, so everyone can share in the horror (I'm generous like that) and hey, Christmas is only a few weeks away; this could be perfect for that crazy, hard-to-buy-for relative of yours. You're welcome!

We went to the gym this morning, for the first time since before I got this cold, and I was glad to be back. It's been so cold in the mornings lately (single digits) that going out anywhere is horrible to contemplate, but the alternative is not getting any exercise, and that's not good for anyone's health (physical or mental). To give you an idea of our weather nowadays, the snow of a week ago is still on the ground, and today the high is supposed to get up to a balmy 30 degrees. I might just strip down to my swimsuit this afternoon, which I wear under my clothes at all times in case of an unexpected heatwave.

The office is having a potluck today, and Wow is there a lot of food here. I didn't have time/energy/whatever to make anything for it last night, so I stopped by the store on my way to work and bought brie and crackers, which seem to be going over pretty well. A troop of my coworkers went to the store and came back hauling a couple bags each--the contents were both delicious and unhealthy. It's extra good I went to the gym this morning.

I'm outtie.




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