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We found out yesterday that Boy's mom hasn't made it to Oregon; not yet, at least. Apparently she called her sister on Tuesday to say she would be delayed, and that she would call Boy to let him know (she hasn't called him and now the only phone number we had for her is disconnected). Typical, typical behavior for the woman, and sometimes I almost feel sorry for her. Because Boy already views her as very unreliable, and if she doesn't change her behavior, someday it is possible (maybe even likely) that he'll cut her out of his life entirely. And that would be a huge loss for her, because that kid is Fantastic. I'm not particularly sorry that she won't be around to cause trouble with my parents, but I feel bad that Boy has to deal with yet Another disappointment from his mom. Hopefully he hadn't counted on the visit too much.

Last night I had possibly the greatest idea I have ever had. What makes it potentially the greatest idea ever is not that it is wildly creative or innovative, but that it might actually be doable. Ready? I want Francisco and I to start our own business (when we move) and the business would be a wedding chapel. We'd need to get sort of a big old house (ideally two story) and make the downstairs be the wedding/reception area (we'd live upstairs). I'd want to also have a good bit of land as well, so that there could be outdoor weddings when the weather was nice (we want to move back to the Pacific NW, so probably most weddings would be indoor), and maybe we could put up an arbor somewhere on the property, because who wouldn't want to be married under an arbor? Especially one that was blooming with wisteria? No one, that's who.

The reason I had this idea in the first place is because Francisco is going to do my sister's wedding next April--he got ordained through ULC specifically so he could do their wedding. They were going to have a rabbi AND Francisco but they couldn't find a rabbi willing to share the stage, and also many rabbis balked because my sister isn't Jewish. It made me remember how many friends and acquaintances I have that were frustrated when they were trying to get married, because they either weren't religious or they were marrying someone of a different faith, and a lot of religious pastors (or rabbis or whatever) won't do interfaith weddings. And it's hard for atheists to find someone to do their wedding, because they don't want anything religious in the ceremony, and most pastors won't do a wedding if they can't stick something religious in there (or if you're not a member of their congregation). My sister sent Francisco the wedding ceremony she wants, and he's all excited because he gets to speak Hebrew--he learned Hebrew when he was getting his master's degree and he Never gets to speak it. It's not like he can order a hot dog in Hebrew, ya know? And I was thinking that, with everything Francisco knows about different religions and different cultural traditions, why couldn't he hire himself out as a Wedding Guy? Being a Wedding Guy doesn't pay a lot, but hosting weddings at our own chapel could be at least lucrative enough to make it worthwhile. Francisco could specialize in interfaith weddings, and someday when same sex marriage is legalized in this country, we could do those too. If anyone wanted a woman to perform their ceremony, for whatever reason, I could be Wedding Woman, as I am also ordained by ULC. Bless you, my child.

Is it just me or does this idea sound doable? Where we want to move back to (near but not in Seattle) can be expensive, house-wise, but I think we could find a place that fits the bill if we're willing to do some fixer-uppering (we are) and lots of gardening (yes please). Oh man, I would Love to have a wedding chapel! It would combine my love of hostessing with my love of making money, and think of all the stuff we could write off on our taxes! This idea is making me giddy.

Our friends come back to our place from the NE part of their vacation tomorrow, and that's going to be so fun. They will stay until Monday afternoon, so our weekend will consist of entertaining them and making them comfortable. We need to plan meals pretty carefully, because Kimmy found out she has gestational diabetes, and has to limit her carbs a lot. It's a good thing I've read the Schwarzbein Principle--it will help when I'm trying to figure out what food we should make. Poor Kimmy--they'll be passing through Lancaster County, PA tomorrow, and she can't even have a donut. We had the greatest donuts ever when we were in Lancaster County--in Bird in Hand, PA, specifically. We told her husband that he needs to eat one, but he shouldn't do it in front of Kimmy--that would be way too cruel.

Here's hoping you have a wonderful weekend!



PS A big ALOHA to Miles who is leaving for Hawaii on Sunday. Don't get burned, braw. (did I spell that right?) |


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