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Saturday evening, as I was making the greatest macaroni and cheese ever (see previous entry), the phone rang. I picked it up, assuming it was Francisco, and the person on the other end basically just started talking. She said she had just gotten out of the shower and was packing, and then she was talking about a black dress she was going to pack, and something about the shoes for the dress, and I was standing there with the phone, trying to decide whether I should interrupt her or let her get to the end of what she was telling me. I wanted to let her talk and talk, but I then I thought she'd be pissed once she found out I wasn't who she intended to call, so I interrupted and, laughing like a maniac, asked her who she was. She was understandably confused, but I explained that I was not Michelle, that I am Eva, and told her the number she'd actually reached. Instead of immediately hanging up in embarrassment (like I probably would've done) she laughed and said I sounded just like her friend and said she was sorry, and I said no problem, because it was entertaining, and then we hung up, except I sort of wish she'd call back again, because she sounded fun.

Yesterday when we were driving home from dim sum, we came up with a couple of Halloween costumes for next year. It started because we were suggesting careers to The Boy, and I suggested he be a nurse. This naturally morphed into the Halloween idea of "[Boy's name], Male Nurse", and I love the idea because Boy said he would make and hand out business cards with that on it, as part of the costume. I hope he still thinks it's a good idea next October, because I'd like to see that come to fruition. The other Halloween costume idea is from Francisco, and I'm sort of in love with it. The costume would be "midwestern mom handing out candy to trick-or-treaters". The costume would consist of something like a pumpkin (or bat--something cheesy) sweatshirt, stirrup pants, big hair, and a large bowl of candy. The trick or treater wearing this costume would say things like "and who are YOU this year?", "ooh, you look scary!", and "what do you saaaayyy?" It would be like trick or treating in reverse, right, because you'd be handing out candy at every house instead of collecting it. If Boy wanted to wear this costume next year, I would buy him a shitload of candy as a reward for not getting any himself. It's difficult to say which costume would be funnier, come Halloween 2005, but I think I'm rooting for Midwestern Mom. If Boy trick or treats next year and doesn't want to be Midwestern Mom, I think I'm going to have to do it. Maybe (if we're living in the Seattle area then) I could go out with Twyla and Lou, handing out candy door to door while Lou rakes it in. I think this is a good tentative plan.

So, according to this article, if I conceived, gestated, and birthed a baby, it would be more likely than average (statistics-wise) to be gay, because I take Synthroid. I'll be sure and mention this to my somewhat homophobic mother-in-law during the holidays, when she tells us for the millionth time that we should have a baby. That is gonna be Sweet. I mean, it would be just fine with me if I had a gay baby, if I wanted a baby, which I don't, which is why I'm not having one.

On the same topic, except slightly different, last week (on Friday I think it was) I posted on Raleigh Craiglist in the Rants and Raves section, regarding a comment someone had made the previous day about how many people are taking at least one prescription drug per day (there was some new study published last week about Americans and prescription drug use). This person was bitching about all the "unnecessary medications" people take, and as someone who takes one prescription medicine daily, I felt compelled to point out that a lot of prescriptions are Totally necessary. I forgot all about that posting until last night, and when I remembered, I checked to see if anyone had responded. And see, what I should've remembered before posting to Rants and Raves in the first place is there are a lot of people who use that section to anonymously spew their hateful opinions, because someone responded to say people like me (and my nonfunctioning thyroid gland) are weakening the gene pool, and anyone who needs a drug to keep functioning should just die, for the good of everyone. Someone else responded, seconding that opinion, and further said I and my whining (which, swear to dog, people, I was NOT whining) should be ignored, because I was taking things personally. This left me speechless. These people (who are probably 22 at the oldest, based on their lack of perspective and lack of empathy) think I should be denied Synthroid so that I would die and get my genes out of circulation, and then they allege I am taking things personally. I just. What? I'm 37. I was 33 when my thyroid decided it had had enough, so you'll have to excuse me for not being ready to pack it in just yet. It disturbs me that I have to take the Synthroid to keep my body functioning normally, but the alternative of giving up and dying a slow death is not acceptable to me. I'm not usually a vindictive person, but I truly hope those two people Both have something go wrong with their bodies for which they will need daily medication, because it would be nice for them to get the opportunity to make sacrifices for their beliefs (to choose death over medication) and the chance to become nicer people when they Don't decide to remove their genes from society, because unless they already have a death wish, you know damn well they would choose the medication. I will not be posting a response on Craigslist, as it would do not good whatsoever, and also because I don't want to waste time on those fools. They are, as the Boy would say, HATERS.

I didn't get very much done this weekend, which is unfortunate because I have a lot to do. Boy and I lazed around on Saturday while Francisco was gone, and on Saturday night he and I watched Lara Croft, Tomb Raider. Boy fell asleep before it was over, so I had Dennis record the remainder and sent Boy to bed over his protestations of "But I'm not tired! (stupid cat!)". I had planned to get a lot done yesterday, but then I woke up with the Pulled Muscle and it made me want to lie around a lot, so I did. The Muscle is better today but I can still feel it if I, you know, MOVE at all. It's vexing, but I'm sure it'll be back to normal within a day or two.

Joyce! An order of sesame balls, asap. Sesame balls would make EVerything better.

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