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I went to the eye doctor again today, to get the fit of my new lenses checked out, and they're apparently pretty good even though my eyes feel like they're going to pop out of my head and roll under the futon any minute now. Whatever; this contact lense thing is boring. The best thing about the eye doctor was watching the man who was falling asleep in the waiting room, but trying to fight it. I love watching people's heads snapping around, all droopy necked while their eyes keep closing against their will. I don't even try to hide my staring and I even hope people will catch me watching so that I can smile at them. Didn't happen today.

We've seen some movies lately; the best was Spellbound. If you haven't seen in, you should, because it's very interesting and some if the kids and their families are mockumentary-like. Extremely recommended. Another movie we saw this weekend was Johnny English, and it was fairly disappointing. I had some hopes for the movie because a review I read compared Rowan Atkinson's character to his Blackadder character, which I like about a grillion times better than Mr. Bean. The Blackadder character is acerbic and mean and funny, but this Johnny English business was not so much like that, at all. Not horrifying, but not recommended either. Other movies seen lately (these while Boy was at his grandparents') were several by Almodovar--all intriguing and recommended, even the creepy ones. OH, and last night Francisco and I watched Girl, Interrupted, which we'd never seen before but we really liked. Recommeded.

Can you tell I've had some wine? I'm always all over the place when I've had wine.

Boy is watching Jeopardy right now, because it's Kid Jeopardy. He's doing well with the guessing, but I'M kicking ass! These kids are no match for me and my big, 35 year old brain. Little pishers.

Francisco and I started a new pact this week; this one having to do with sleeping. The pact is to be in bed with the lights off at 10, on weekday nights. It's a great pact! Already I feel much more rested, and it's much easier to get up in the morning. The main point of this pact is to get up early and exercise, so that's what we've been doing, though it's not an explicit part of the pact.

Let me tell you, sending your kid in to unload the dishwasher? Very satisfying, especially when he bitches about it.

See? All over the place.


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