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The Panu family (that's us) has recently discovered just how amazing soft tacos are, and we've declared they will be dinner once a week. Delicious, easy to make, healthy (with corn torillas)--what's not to like? We had them last night and they are just the most perfect meal ever, especially if made with aged Vermont cheddar and served with a green salad. I love the sharp, sharp cheeses. Also, I discovered the secret to not getting a headache from wine--drink a glass of water along with the wine. This is probably the world's biggest DUH, but it hadn't occurred to me before. So, wine/headache problem solved.

Okay, officially I'm being really disciplined and restrictive with my food intake lately. But my second-in-command boss won a passel of Godiva chocolates at a conference she was just at, and she's been passing them out. So unofficially I've had one Godiva chocolate today and one yesterday, because come. ON. This is a special circumstance, and is it really the wise thing to do to pass up the Godivas? No it is not. Today I got a lemon creme, which I can't say I was thrilled about, but it was still good, because it was Quality.

I got The Most Exciting Email this afternoon! Our friends, Dan and Kimmy, are thinking about coming out this way this summer, and if they do they're going to stay with us for a weekend!! Oh man, that is Really something to look forward to. I don't correspond with them nearly enough, but I truly adore them. I hope they decide for sure to vacation out this direction (they live in southern CA), because it would be the best thing ever.

Started on a hat last night. I had to start over, actually, after doing several rows, because I could see where I'd made some mistakes, but fortunately yarn is forgiving like that. I think I might have to take a picture of this hat in progress, because the yarn is just so gorgeous and knits up really nicely. I love chunky yarn, and it's hard to find. Elann has some really beautiful Norweigian Lopi right now, on a really good sale, but I am hesitant to buy any because I'm trying to keep from buying things I don't need. I fear accumulation more than I love that yarn.

I just noticed I chew primarily on the left side of my mouth. Is that normal, to chew sort of one-sided? My right side teeth don't hurt, or anything, so I'm not sure why I do that.

This morning at about 4:00 we had a small thunderstorm, and I'm not afraid of thunderstorms per se, but I get uneasy because I don't know if they're going to spawn tornados. I kept thinking about Boy, who, on the second floor, in his loft bed, is for all intents and purposes sleeping on the roof. I think I need one of those severe weather radios so we can be notified if there's a tornado warning at night. I want to be able to get Boy onto the first floor, at least.

Survivor tonight! I think I've switched allegiances. The men's tribe is annoying but I think I now like them better than the women's tribe. I especially dislike the woman who didn't want the immunity "idol" in camp because she thought it was demonic or something. Her reasoning was that it says in the bible that idol worshipping is wrong, but calling something an idol doesn't even violate that bible thing. I would think you'd actually have to worship it to run afoul of the bible, and anyway, does that mean she would never watch American Idol? Her kind of religiousness really angries up my blood, because she's spouting a lot of bible and Jesus-worshipping stuff, but then she turns around and treats people like crap, and to me, what you Do is far more meaningful than what you Say. She really pissed me off--can you tell?

I've been saving a phrase I thought up for when our adoption of The Boy is finally through. It is, "Hey, I OWN you and I've got the papers to prove it!" I think this is going to come in very handy during arguments/disagreements.

Today I was thinking about how I really need to have my annual physical/probing, and I was trying to make myself call and schedule the appointment, but even just thinking about it got me all worked up. I think what I'll do is this: 1) Schedule the appointment. At this point I'll have to schedule for late March or early to mid April, because of the way the scheduling works at that office. 2) Find out if my doctor really put the thyroid and cholesterol check tests into the computer like she said she would. If not, email her to ask her to do put them in. 3) Go in for those tests 3 days before my physical. 4) Get the physical. 5) Ask my doctor if she can recommend a doctor who works in a different office, because the office I have to go to now is too stressful. 6) Switch doctors. 7) Try to get over my doctor phobia (this cannot possibly be accomplished at the current office). 8) Stop being such a freak. I think this is a really good plan, and I will try to remember to do 1) tomorrow.

Going home now, happily. This has been one of those days that lasted 33 1/2 hours.


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