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You know how sea turtles, ducks/geese, and other migratory animals use the earth's magnetic fields to navigate by? I wonder how the magnetic fields effect us, the humans, because there have been times I've been far from the place I've been born, and when I've just stood still I have felt that I'm far away from everything I know. Have you ever felt that way? Francisco scoffs at me and the magnetic fields, but all I know is, I can feel it when I'm far from home. The line to make fun of me starts here. No pushing or shoving please; everyone will get their turn.

My coworker who was invited for brunch today forgot all about it and didn't come over. I called her and there was no answer at her house, and I was vaguely worried until I took my files to work this afternoon and she was there. I said a cheerful hello to her and she said one back, and then about 30 seconds later she realized she'd forgotten and she felt horrible. This is why I didn't remind her in the first place--I knew she'd feel terrible, and there's no reason to feel terrible over an accidental lapse of memory. When she didn't arrive at 10:00 I thought she was just late, and then I thought she'd mixed up the time and would arrive at 10:30. When she didn't arrive I called her and then called twice more before 11:00, at which time we gave up and had our pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream, bacon, and bellinis. Delicious, and we watched the South Park movie (a gift from Dennis) while we ate. Boy had to go to school today so we made the most of his absence (ahem) and then I tried to work on my files.

The desktop computer, which should theoreticallly be faster than the laptop, was so slow as to be very frustrating, which is why I took my files to work. Then my work computer for no apparent reason, when switched on, needed to check the integrity of my C drive, which took 15 minutes. Then it needed to check available space, at which point I laid down on my office floor in despair. I decided to just rest and give my computer 20 minutes to finish with the C drive nonsense, and when it hadn't finished in 20 minutes, I took it as a sign and went home, fileless. I'm a little concerned that my computer might've picked up a virus or something, because this C drive thing is weird, but there's nothing I can do about it anyway. We'll see what it's doing tomorrow.

I need to call my sister now.


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