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It's really hard to be a good driver when the steering wheel is too hot to touch and the metal seat belt buckle is burning your hip. I'm just saying.

I picked up my new contact lenses during lunch today, and they weren't as expensive as I thought they'd be. They were much less than my last pair of lenses, though still costlier than soft lenses. I'm looking forward to wearing them for the first time tomorrow; I bet I'll be able to see a lot better. The place I got my lenses (and have my eyes checked) aggravates me every time I'm there, because they make you pay to park. I don't know about you, but when I'm giving someone money for something, like contact lenses, I don't like to have to pay for the privilege of giving them my money. But perhaps I'm a codger.

A lot has happened the last few days, though nothing really amazing or huge. I have so little time to write lately that I'm just going to make a list.

1) We bought 18 bottles of wine this weekend--good sale at the wine shop. I like having an almost-full wine rack; it's like with the Mormons and their two years worth of food thing, except more hedonistic.

2) Our friends were really fun this weekend, during the brief time we got to see them before they went up north. I'm really looking forward to having the couple of days with them, when they come back on Saturday. They are fun and Kimmy has the best laugh in the world.

3) We've been watching movies we haven't seen due to their inappropriateness for Boy, while he's at his grandparents. So far we've seen Y Tu Mama Tambien, Live Flesh (Spanish movie), and National Lampoon's Van Wilder. That last one we watched because we're classy.

4) Boy's birthday is Saturday and we bought him some presents this weekend. We're mailing him the Harry Potter but keeping the rest here and emailing pictures of the other gifts to my parents so he can see them on his birthday. One thing we're doing to surprise him (won't tell him about it before he gets home) is re-doing much of his bathroom. We retiled our bathroom sink awhile back and he's been saying he wants a tiled sink in his bathroom too. So we're doing that and will paint the vanity, plus Francisco bought him a new showerhead (one of those kind with a long neck that you can move around) and a new faucet. Boy's big excuse up to now, about why he keeps his bathroom so messy, is that it's not nice like ours. He should get ready to do more cleaning.

5) Speaking of Boy, his mother has made her way to Eugene, via Greyhound bus, and is probably making everyone's lives a misery even as I type. She was all mad that we didn't tell her he was coming out there, and Francisco and she got into it a little, on the phone, because hello, she hasn't called since Christmas and we didn't even know she'd moved to Idaho, and didn't have her new phone number and address. Oh, and her reason for not calling Boy since Christmas? "I didn't have anything to say". I'm gonna let that speak for itself.

I feel a little guilty that I haven't written much here lately, but more that I haven't been taking the time to sign guestbooks and stuff. It's not because I don't care about people; it's just a time issue right now. If I told you how much my phone rang today you'd retch. Well, no, probably you wouldn't (unless you have a remarkably weak stomach), but I'm telling you, it was a lot. I know a lot of people are coping with very hard things right now, and a lot of other people have big news and wonderful things to share. I care about it all, and at some point I'll be able to tell people, but right now I just have to say that I'm thinking about you even if I'm not saying it.

Going home now to make some rice and greens.


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