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For my lover, the internet

I made this for you today, Internet and it took me a whole 5 minutes. If I were a right handed mouse user it might look better, but I drew it with my left hand, so you'll need to make allowances for that. Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day!

Today the boss brought in 3 large, red, heart-shaped boxes of candy for the office. After he ceremoniously placed them in the kitchen he came back upstairs and poked his head into my office.

HIM: By the way, I brought that candy with the hope that you would be my Valentine.
ME: Yeah, that makes me want to throw up a little, but thanks.
HIM: [leaves laughing]

Apparently he said this same thing to other coworkers and they just smiled uneasily but one of them told me later she wished at that moment she was me so she could've said something rude. I am very lucky.

We watched a bunch of Olympic stuff last night (thank dog for Tivo, because I don't know what we did without being able to fast forward through all the between-events dross), mainly speed skating and snowboarding. And what I'd like to tell you is how annoyed I am by snowboarding terminology, because having to hear about things like backside rodeos and fakie 1080s (or whatever) is profoundly silly. Letting stoners invent the terminology was a really bad idea, but then again I guess no one else wanted to do it. I do like watching snowboarding, but not so much with the listening to the commentators.

This afternoon I was arsing around the internet, as usual, and I decided to check the online classifieds at the Ellensburg Daily Record (WA, where we're moving in June) for employment opportunities. The job listing that leapt out at me was titled GO TO SEA, because of Course I want to go to sea. What fool doesn't want to go to sea? Besides people who get seasick? There were a couple of jobs listed at the employer's website--the best (least strenuous, more interesting) one was ship cook. It's still pretty strenuous, what with the lifting of heavy boxes and whatnot, and it's a lot of time at sea--21 to 33 days. I don't think I could spend anywhere near that much time away from Francisco and Sharky, so I won't be applying. I'm perfectly happy about that, especially after I read this part of the job requirements:

"Survival Testing

The candidate must be capable of donning a USCG-approved survival suit in reasonable time, jumping off a vessel or structure at a height of twelve feet off the water, and swimming in the survival suit 100 feet to a fixed ladder. The length of swim time is not important. The candidate must be able to climb the ladder twelve feet back up to the jumping point."

I really think I could DO this, but I don't want to.

There aren't a lot of jobs available in Ellensburg right now and I'm trying not to worry about how many will be available in 4 months. There are actually 4 job openings at the university that I'd apply for if we were in Ellensburg right now, but they all want someone to start ASAP. Note to self: Do not panic.

Song of the Day: Feist -- Inside and Out, at ...good weather for airstrikes.

That's about it, then. You are sluggish today, Internet, and I am sluggish right along with you.

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