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This weekend I:

* Watched three (count 'em!) soccer games on television -- Chivas USA vs DC United; Chivas Guadalajara vs Atlante; San Luis vs Chiapas. The second game was most enjoyable, possibly due, in part, to about half of the game being played in a pelting rainstorm. It's hard to believe, but soccer players are even MORE attractive when they're soaked to the skin--true story. For some reason, the San Luis game was the least exciting of the 3, maybe because I am only grudgingly supporting San Luis at this point, pending their [please please please] beating by the Pumas next weekend, in which case the Pumas will be my team. They're playing for my affections, remember. Also, the San Luis/Chiapas game was played in a very dirty fashion--tons of fouls--and that's sort of fun for awhile but then it gets old. The Good thing about the San Luis/Chiapas game is it looked like San Luis would definitely lose, since they were down 0 - 1 with one minute left to play, but then they got either lucky or brilliant or both and scored a goal. That was pretty cool. End soccer talk.

* Ordered 10 skeins of this mohair yarn in Oriental Poppy color, because it was too pretty to resist and I have a sweater pattern I like that is perfect for the yarn. Perfect, I tell you! V. excited.

* Worked a bit on Francisco's sweater sleeve. YES still the first sleeve, smartass--I'm pacing myself, and besides, it's not as though he'd be able to wear it for another couple of months anyway unless he wanted to commit suicide by sweating.

* Started the baby blanket I'm making for Miles; knit about 5 inches; wondered why the pattern went all wonky after 3 inches; discovered a dropped stitch; tried to unravel just back to where it all went bad; was unable to get all the stitches back on the needle; gave up and unraveled the whole thing. Will begin again another day. End knitting talk.

* Finally hand-washed a table runner that had been in my Delicates Only laundry bag since Christmas of 2003. It bled and shrank several inches, curse it, but at least I could cross it off my list, and that was the whole reason I decided to wash it yesterday; because I needed to cross Something off that blasted list that's been tacked to my bulletin board for so long. The other items are things like Climb Mt. Everest and Find Cure for Cancer, so washing the runner was the obvious choice for instant gratification.

* Made another list. Sadly, this isn't a joke.

* Cooked two dinners: 1) Polenta [except it wasn't True polenta, because the cornmeal was too fine] slices with sauteed vegetables, tomato sauce, and blue cheese crumbles. Salad. This turned out okay except the polenta hadn't set up quite enough--Francisco and Sharky were gone all day Saturday and came home ravenous, so I rushed dinner onto the table [ottoman] and the polenta was still a little mushy. Meh, still tasted good. 2) Ho-made macaroni and cheese, with green chilies; salad. This was good; I have perfected the macaroni and cheese making process for maximum efficiency and deliciousness, and I only wish in hindsight that I'd added two cans of green chilies instead of one. Live and learn.

* Did usual chores--laundry, sheet-changing, bathroom cleaning. Also picked up and put away clutter in my bedroom. Excitement!

* Bought 4 new Homies; incorporated them into the Homie tableau I've got going on in the living room. At some point I want to get a small shelf for the wall and put some street-level photos of buildings on the wall just above it so I can arrange the Homies on the shelf to look like they're standing on a sidewalk. I think that would be both awesome and artistic.

* Enjoyed the quiet of the house without Marcus and/or his sister ringing the doorbell every 5 minutes. Maybe his parents/guardians forbade them from coming over; I don't know, but I like it.

* Pondered why my skin seems all pissed off at me again, though I have gone back to my previous regimen. Fumed.


Nina Gordon's cover of 'Straight Outta Compton". This is exactly the kind of cover I like; the kind that makes your brain say, "what the....?" and make sort of a shorting-out sound, accompanied by a burning smell. Fantastic.

I guess that's about all I've got for today, much as I'm sure you're pining for more salacious tidbits of the crafts I did or attempted to do last weekend. Or maybe you'd like to hear about how, as I was snuggled into bed on Saturday night, enjoying the feeling of fresh, clean sheets, Lucy jumped onto the bed and onto my pillow and [without pausing at all] wiped her ass on my pillowcase. Unbelievable.

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