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Dear Interweb,

You started out interesting and full of vim and vigor this week--what happened?? You were boring yesterday and you're boring today. Interweb, I hate you and I hate your ass face.*

No Love,

If I were rich enough to afford owning a store for fun (meaning, a store that wouldn't necessarily need to make a profit), I'd open one called 'Things I Like'. Can you guess what I'd stock? You're so smart. Here is a partial list of my fantasy inventory:

cds of banjos and bagpipes; not necessarily with both instruments on the same cd
Malabrigo yarn
Liverpool and Toluca soccer jerseys
my favorite books (too many to list, and anyway, I haven't thought that far ahead yet)
doll heads -- bisque, eyeless, creepy.
Cadbury Flakes
Violet Crumbles
'Fashion Plates'
Gyro Wheels
my favorite cds (like the books, too many to list)
pickled piquin/chiltepe peppers
honey-citron tea
buddha hands (the inedible citrus fruit)
Sea Monkeys
down comforters
strings of lights
large selection of MikWright cards
Kettle Chips
jersey sheets
rice cookers
incense--frankincense only

I know I could think of lots of other things if I put my mind to it. If I ever have this store (not likely), it'll have to be very large. And I will have a cat named DeWayne at the store; he will live with me but will come to the store every day to be the official greeter. I so enjoy this kind of pointless planning; I really do.

Songs of the Day:

Wolf Parade -- Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts, at In Da Blog.

Pine Hill Haints -- Tennessee River Rambler, at 3hive.

The Pipettes -- Dirty Mind, at Said the Gramophone.

I don't have any weekend plans and this is A-okay with me. What I'll do are my chores and some projects, including scanning in old photographs for the purpose of uploading to Flickr, and possibly go to the library. It's going to be a big old time, you just wait and see. Have a great weekend!


* from Waiting for Guffman, via Max, who said it earlier this week. Max is not boring. |


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