pilgrim at Sampson St.


I've been home alone all day--which is utter bliss, I can't even tell you--but a few minutes ago I had to go to the Safeway for a gallon of milk and a loaf of sourdough. Safeway is just a couple blocks away so I put sandals on, shoved money into my pocket, and left tonight's dinner (quiche) baking while I went. As I stepped outside, with houses all around, I realized I could hear nothing except Wilson Creek, some windchimes, and a few unidentifiable noises drifting on the breeze. It's a gorgeous day, warm but not too warm, and the sky is a clear blue. As I walked west toward the market, I was looking at the mountains (or really the hills in front of the mountains) to the west, and the puffy clouds looming up over them. In front of the mountains is the "skyline" of Ellensburg, which consists of a couple pointy buildings and anything over two stories tall (maybe two buildings). I passed a man who had just been at Safeway: He was carrying a six pack of beer and he smiled, nodded his head at me, and said HEllo. I did the same.

Safeway is frequented mostly by townspeople; the Super 1 up near the freeway is where passers-through go, especially Seattleites on their way to concerts at The Gorge. I was in and out of Safeway in about 7 minutes and on my way back home, once again marveling at my fierce love for this town, which I feel every time I step out the door, and I am just so damn happy to be here. June 15 was our one year anniversary in Ellensburg, and we didn't do anything to celebrate it, since I was flying to NC the next day and was packing and anxious, but I'm grateful, I'm happy, and I never want to live anywhere else. I know it's possible we might have a good reason to move someday, but right now I'm content to live and someday die in this small, pretty, friendly town.




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