love, and love


Dear Universe,

How could you take my Richard Hatch away from me? I mean, right after he purposely touched Sue with his weensie? No fair. You and I are officially in a fight, Universe.

But then again, Rosie O'Donnell got married to her girlfriend, in San Francisco, so maybe this place and this time is not Such a bad place and time after all.

All I know is, my fondness for red wine is vast, and writing 'love' and 'love' on my knuckles in ink pen sealed the deal red wine and I have, in making each other happy. 'Frida' is a good movie, full of beautiful colors and free-thinking people, and the joy my cats take in having us all home makes me feel both small and immensely important.

So many responsibilities. So many opportunies. I think I want to be a mailman or a parking enforcement officer--both get to walk a lot. I can smuggle my camera and take pictures. Life could be a lot worse.

Did I mention I drank too much wine?

No people or animals were harmed in the making of this entry.


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