there are ticks and then there are ticks


Hahaha, Slummy totally caught me (via my guestbook) re: the video for April & May. I loved the song before I saw the video, but 99% of my love of the video is due to David Fridlund's crooked-ass teeth. I Love teeth like that! Good call, Slummy.

Also, Mugwhump asked in my guestbook what the difference between a deer tick and dog tick, and basically they're just different kinds of ticks, named for the animals who are most likely to be hosting them . Deer ticks are the small ones, and they're the ticks that sometimes carry Lyme disease. Dog ticks are much bigger (and therefore grocer) and they're the ticks that sometimes carry Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. I am not pleased to report that I've had a mild headache since last night, and I was a bit rashy last night too but I don't seem to have it today (it's hard to see your own neck). I don't know What's going on right now, but I'm taking a wait and see approach, for another day at least. Thing is, it's pretty early for symptoms to be showing up for tick-bites I got on Saturday evening (lasting through to Sunday morning), so this headache and weird mild rash could be entirely coincidental. Right? Let's just say that.

I don't have a song of the day for you today, but I'll make up for it tomorrow. I keep looking for ones I really love and keep striking out, hence the no songs thing.

Francisco is going to his shootenanny tonight, so it's grilled cheese sandwich night at the Panu residence. I'll probably need to make two for Sharky; his rapacious appetite continues.

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